Demand Planning Course (Sales Forecasting and S&OP)

This demand planning course gives you guidance to create an excellent application to the solution of developing sales forecast – how? by showing you through this unique training course how to create a mirror reflection the market demand which will help you develop your sales forecast. Considering Supply Chain Planning within an organization exists on many levels, Sales and Operations Planning is an important step in 5 Levels of Supply Chain Planning.

Who is this Demand Planning Course for?

It is for all students and professionals who are entering the world of S&OP forecasting up to the intermediate level of knowledge and experience.

What is the Demand Planning Course about?

The course is about looking at how the fundamental components demand with supply integrate and correlate to accurately result in a high level of effective sales and operation planning (S&OP).

What will you gain from this Demand Planning Course?

  • An understanding and explanation of forecasting and the methodologies in use.
  • Confidently calculate accurate sales forecasting figures so as to operate at the optimum cost of operation
  • Measure forecast accuracy & apply forecasting improvement steps
  • Apply time fence technique of forecasting to draw the line between supply & demand teams.
  • Generate rolling forecast for wider horizons for business growth & capacity planning.
  • Reflect on the reality of market demand and then drive a balanced sales forecast.

Upon completion of the course, you will….

  • Be able to compare the information presented to your current ERP system.
  • Have high-level sales & operation planning (S&OP) process in place
  • Make mirror reflection of market demand by applying an effective solution of developing sales forecast.
  • Operate at your optimum cost of operation

What’s included in this purchase?

  • Exercises delivered by way of informative videos
  • Each concept explored through the use of actual exercises to offer maximum understanding and application to your own personal boundaries

Previous Knowledge / Requirements / Target Audience?

  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel ®
  • Open to all students / professionals from beginner to intermediate level

About the Course Author

Yasin Bin Abdul Quader is an operations and planning consultant at a leading NASQ consultancy firm. With over 1,100 students enrolled into this course that was created less than a year ago with an average rating of 4.3 / 5.

Certification: YES

Who is the target audience of this demand planning course?

  • Anyone from beginners & intermediate students who loves to learn step by step Demand(Sales Forecasting) Planning.

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4-Star by Ohan Mbiga

I like this course for its straightforwardness as it allows to quickly and efficiently grasp the concept of demand planning and how sales forecasting are done. I recommend.

4- Star by Luis Garduno

Clear understanding of the topic.

The examples shown can be easily applied in a manufacturing environment.

Recommended for beginners in SCM, not recommended for SCM experts.


Demand Planning Course

Muddassir Ahmed