Supply Chain: Inventory Control & Safety Stock Calculation

This course will provide a broad learning on safety stock calculation using the various equations used in various industries as well as how to optimize inventory levels using a number of different methodologies.

Who is this Course for?

  • Anyone looking to gain practical knowledge, understanding and application of Inventory
  • Students or Professionals considering a career path in Supply Chain Inventory and Safety Stock Calculation
  • All Supply Chain professionals already in this field, looking to expand their knowledge base.

What is the Course about?

 Cash flow and profit are directly impacted by how you control and monitor your inventory.  Without an accurate data regarding what you have and what you are selling and not selling, you will not be able to have an exact idea of where your profit margins lie.

The course author is confident in the material provided within the course to provide easy implementation, which can lead to savings going into six figures – monthly!

What will you gain from this Inventory Control & Safety Stock Calculation Course?

  • Gain an understanding of Inventory and what Safety Stock Control implies
  • Understand various techniques, method’s and formulae to be able to calculate and remain aware of stock levels and inventory within your business
  • Be able to choose what works for you business in order to carry out a successful inventory.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Conduct Safety Stock Calculation using a choice of formulas
  • Understand Inventory Control Significance
  • Learn and Understand 10+ techniques to reduce cost by controlling inventory levels.
  • Learn and Understand 10+ methodologies to optimize inventory levels

What’s included in this purchase?

  • 21 video lectures divided into 2 principle categories: Stock Safety Calculations (6 lectures) and Inventory Control Techniques (15 lectures

Previous Knowledge / Requirements?

 Basic knowledge of Supply Chain required

About the Course Author

Yasin Mondi is an operation and planning consultant at a NASQ-consultancy firm.

Yasin has authored many other online supply chain management courses

Certification: Yes

You can learn more from my blog 6 Safety Stock Formulas You Can Consider in Your Next Calculation Cycle.

Safety Stock Calculation


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