Supply Chain Fundamentals – Understanding Basics

This Supply Chain Fundamentals course is design for anyone who wants to start learning basics of Supply Chain Management.

Who is this Supply Chain Fundamentals Course for?

  • Anyone wanting to learn about Supply Chain Management
  • If you are a student particularly studying for an APICS Certification
  • A Supply Chain professional looking to expand your knowledge
  • A professional coming into the Supply Chain field anew from a different field

What is the Supply Chain Fundamentals Course about?

This video course is your starting point in the field of the Basics of Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing.

Whether you are a student, new to the field or wanting to expand and strengthen your current knowledge-base from a professional standpoint, this course will provide you with the fundamentals to actively improve your overall performance in a manner which can result in an increase of your organization’s return on investment.

Being a video-based Supply Chain Fundamentals course, you will not be subjected to the typical textbook approach to learning. Instead, it is an example and practical lead approach to give you the practical know-how to transpose to suit your needs and get up and go immediately.

The course is also designed to keep in mind any student working towards an APICS certification and therefore can be used as part of your preparation for the exam.

This Supply Chain Fundamentals course will help you navigate the complexities and risks associated with globalization as time difference and distance is thrown into the mix. This will not only help give you an obvious competitive advantage but will help you achieve excellence in managing a supply chain of this nature and more.

What will you gain from this Supply Chain Fundamentals Course?

  • This Supply Chain Fundamentals course will provide you with a thorough understanding of what is supply chain and how to practically apply the knowledge to become your very own supply chain professional – here are the categories covered in the course:
  • Demand Planning

    • Understand the fundamentals of Demand Planning
    • Types of Demand
    • Patterns of Demand
    • Learn to forecast demand using various forecasting methods and understand forecast error and how to deal with it
  • Manufacturing

    • Different Strategies and recognise which environment is most suitable for your product
    • Different manufacturing processes and layouts – relating them to your product
    • Learn about how Product Life Cycle can influence the manufacturing strategy
    • Summary of Manufacturing and Control
  • Production Planning

    • Understand the essential strategies to develop your own Product Plan
  • Resource Requirement Planning (RRP)

    • Learn how to use RRP to check the capacity needed for Production Planning
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)

    • Understand this in relation to Production Planning
    • Learn how to create a Master Production Schedule and understand and incorporate Projected Available Balance (PAB)
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)

    • Learn how to implement RCCP to check the capacity needed for MPS
  • Available-to-Promise (ATP) tool

    • Learn about this planning tool and its relationship to making commitments to customers
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

    • Learn and understand the fundamentals
    • Learn about a Bill-of-Materials and its importance to MRP
    • Understanding how MRP logic works and the use of lead-time offsetting and exploding.
    • Learn how MRP software works – understand Planning Orders, Released Orders, MRP Action Messages and MRP Exception Messages
  • Manufacturing Lead-Time (MLT)

    • Learn about MLT
  • Capacity

    • Learn about Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) to check the capacity needed for the MRP
    • Learn to calculate Available Capacity, Available Time, Utilization and Efficiency
    • Learn to Calculate Rate Capacity
    • Learn about Product Activity Control
  • Inventory

    • Understand and learn about Inventory, Inventory Carrying Costs and Ordering costs and their relationship
    • Learn about Stock-out
    • Learn how to manage Inventory
    • Understand the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • Customer Service and Safety Stock

    • Learn about this and understanding Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Learn ABC Analysis and Parento’s Law (The 80/20 Rule)

  • Gain an understanding of Supply Chain Sustainability.


What’s included in this purchase?

  • You will receive 4 instructor-led and independent exercises and solution.
  • 40 Quiz Questions with Answers


Previous Knowledge/Requirements?

None – just a willingness to learn!


About the Course Author

John Mandic is a licensed engineer by trade, certified Logistics Professional and he earned his CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) through APICs – the Association for Supply Chain and Operations Management.

With up to 1960 students enrolled on his courses and an average rating of 4.4/5, it’s no wonder this course is featuring in my Top 12!


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Supply Chain Fundamentals

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