The Comprehensive Supply Chain Network Design Course

This Supply Chain Network Design course focuses on the Supply Chain Optimization and Big Data Analytics discipline of Supply Chain & Operations Management.

Who is this Supply Chain Network Design Course for?

  • Any professional within the Supply Chain and Logistics field looking to gain practical knowledge, understanding and application of Supply Chain Network Design
  • Students or Professionals considering a career path in Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization

What is the Course about?

Supply Chain Network Design is the future when it comes to the realization, understanding and appreciating that network costs contribute to more than 80% of the Supply Chain Costs. Therefore Supply chain network design is necessary to implement a supply chain that can quickly and efficiently distribute the products. It is a critical driver for growth and expansion of businesses.

This course will offer you the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the concepts behind Supply Chain Network Design in the form of case study discussions, network optimization sample problems and one real-life project. 

The Course will begin with an overview of supply chain network design followed by an introduction to Supply Chain Optimization and the use of an Excel Solver that will show you how to solve supply chain problems.

This will neatly lead to an in-depth learning of some advanced modeling strategies and how to use optimization to model and design a high-performance supply chain.

What will you gain from this Course?

  • Understand the Fundamental concepts of Supply Chain Network Design
  • Master the practical aspects of Supply Chain Network Design and solve complex problems
  • Understand Supply Chain Optimization
  • Model and design a real-life Supply Chain Network
  • Learn and understand advanced Network Modeling Techniques

There will also be some case studies that will be explained and allow for discussion to get you in the correct thinking strategies

Upon completion of the course, you will be

  • Equipped with a strong understanding of how to translate the knowledge gained into handling various types of network design projects
  • Confident in making network design decisions such as facility location, capacity allocation, supply & demand allocation etc.
  • Execute various types of network design projects.
  • Introduce additional components like service modeling and greenhouse gas emission modeling as part of network design.
  • Use supply chain optimization and Excel solver to solve supply chain problems.
  • Use some advanced modeling strategies and finally will work with you on an hour-long real-life supply chain network design project.

What’s included in this purchase?

 This online course comprises of 43 lectures divided into 8 components:

  • Course overview
  • Fundamentals of Supply Chain Network Design (5 lectures)
  • Fundamentals of Supply Chain Modeling (5 Lectures)
  • Introduction and use of DeepDive: Supply Chain Network Modeling (9 Lectures)
  • Supply Chain Network: Introducing Other Components (5 Lectures)
  • Advanced Modeling Strategies (5 Lectures)
  • Real Life Supply Chain Network Design Project (9 Lectures)
  • Wrap Up (4 Lectures)

 Previous Knowledge/Requirements?

Specific Knowledge not required, however, general knowledge of supply chain management is desirable.

Knowledge of MS Excel ®

About the Course Author

Mani is a Supply Chain modeling expert with a successful completion track record of over 50+strategic network and inventory optimization projects.

Certification: YES

The author is so confident in what they can deliver; he’s offering a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked! So, what is there to lose, go ahead, press that ‘Take the Course’ button!

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Supply Chain Network Design Course

Muddassir Ahmed