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On-demand Supply Chain Knowledge Content & Experts

SCMDOJO was created to assist individuals and companies in pursuit of supply chain excellence – it’s a lofty positioning statement – but it’s true.

With years of experience in the supply chain sector, our leading experts and trainers have spent countless hours perfecting the ultimate supply chain solutions. We offer everything our clients need to learn and grow – so it’s kind of like being gardeners for your business! We only help you grow, we get rid of the weeds of useless information and make sure you have sunny days ahead.

With SCMDOJO, our values are clear:

  • Provide unmatched online learning tools including courses, eBooks, and digital tools that are easy to consume and learn from.
  • Offer custom in-person training solutions from industry experts that understand how to help your business navigate the often choppy waters of the supply chain world.
  • Give practical, actionable insight into what will enhance your business and knowledge of the supply chain as a consultant to clients in need.
  • Keep up with the ever-changing world of the supply chain, and keep our clients informed with the latest, usable information!

If it sounds like a lot, we’ll be honest: it is. That’s why our team works relentlessly – to be the best at supply chain information and training that is efficient and effective.

Our team works hard so you don’t have to. It’s everything you need for supply chain intel all in one place – without spending hundreds of hours staring at a screen trying to figure it out for yourself. We’ve put it all together for you!

When it comes to supply chain information, knowledge, experience, and training, our team of global leaders ensures every one of our nearly 1,000 high-profile clients has gained insights and traction for success. We even received high-fives from some, and believe us, supply chain subject matter experts rarely receive high-fives, so we’re confident we do a good job.

The supply chain doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve invested our time to make your journey simpler. Let’s work together and make amazing things happen.

Meet the Team

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

Founder and CEO

Marc Kloepfel

Chairman & Co-Founder

Hassan Khan

Senior Media Manager & Producer

Waqas Ahmed

Senior Web Developer

Arva Nadeem

Digital Marketing Specialist

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