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“ESG in Procurement” delves into the critical integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within procurement processes. Written by Marc Kloepfel, this eBook provides a comprehensive guide for procurement professionals seeking to enhance sustainability, ethical practices, and governance in their operations. Furthermore, it covers the importance of ESG, the benefits and challenges of implementing these strategies, and provides practical advice on achieving ESG goals in the department.


Key Takeaways:


  • Understanding ESG in Procurement: Learn the foundational concepts of ESG and their significance in modern procurement practices.
  • Benefits and Challenges: Gain insights into the advantages of integrating ESG into procurement, such as competitive advantage and quality improvement, as well as the potential challenges like cost implications and supplier uncertainties.
  • Effective ESG Implementation: Discover step-by-step strategies for embedding ESG principles into procurement processes, from aligning goals to incentivizing suppliers.
  • Monitoring and Measuring ESG: Explore tools and methodologies for tracking and assessing ESG performance within the supply chain. Moreover, this ensures ongoing improvement and compliance.
  • Global ESG Standards and Regulations: Understand the varying landscape of ESG regulations across different regions. These include the EU, USA, Asia, and the Middle East, and their impact on procurement practices.


About Marc Kloepfel


Marc Kloepfel is a seasoned procurement and supply chain consultant with nearly 25 years of international experience. As the co-founder of Kloepfel Group, a leading procurement consultancy, and an active investor in innovative business models related to procurement, AI, and ESG, Marc brings a wealth of expertise and a forward-thinking approach to sustainable business practices. Moreover, his extensive background and entrepreneurial spirit make him a trusted voice in the field. Furthermore, he drives continuous learning, innovation, and positive impact.


ESG in procurement


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