Benjamin Bloch

Supply Chain Executive with demonstrated 20+ years of experience in the industrial, logistics, forwarding and military markets.

I have learned logistics and SupplyChain as a practitioner. That was a tough time but its coming with the big plus that everything I plan to implement works. Its not pure theory, I know what I am talking about.

Proven record of transforming business processes to create competitive advantages and increase bottom line & gross margin. #SupplyChainDesign

Hands-on mentality as it is needed in SupplyChain to make things happen. Just do it!

I have a high propensity to data, tools and report. Lets be frank we all in SupplyChain love data and we are Excel experts 😊

Achieving company goals by forming a strong team and process to execute fast.

Establishing and maintaining alignment across functions at the same time to increase customer success.

For me a leader is in charge of removing roadblocks that the team is facing during execution of what they are tasked with.

What I really enjoy is developing teams and sharing knowledge. Starting from theoretical knowledge on how to use it across mindset to also health and food …