Introduction to Strategic Sourcing Course

Collaboration between Bid Ops & SCMDOJO has brought in the most up-to-date course onIntroduction to Strategic Sourcing.. This Strategic Sourcing Course is designed to deliver all critical concepts in brief, punchy and easy to understand information.

The Strategic Sourcing Course Will Have 3 Modules:

  • Module 1: Purpose & Methods
  • Module 2: Practical Management Frameworks
  • Module 3: Advanced Topics & Digital Transformation
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Watch this video by Bid Ops CEO Edmund Zagorin explaining more details about the course.

 What You’ll Get in This Course?

  • 1 hour  worth of training video content
  • Original PowerPoint Presentation
  • Introduction to Strategic Sourcing Course- Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment Tools included in the course will give you results in graphical form as shown in the below image.

strategic sourcing process


A computer with an internet connection.

The willingness to learn.

Strategic Sourcing Course

Who This Course is For

  • The beginners who want to discover sourcing and buying from scratch
  • Business school students who want to have skills and experience before starting their career
  • Engineers who want to learn Strategic Sourcing.
  • The buyers, purchasers, product managers who already work in the big companies and want to deepen their knowledge with new perspectives and operational dimensions
  • People who launch their company with a great idea but need to source some items for their business

Certificate of Completion

SCMDOJO will provide a Certificate of Completion when Purchased. Please provide your full name to [email protected]

Important Notice

To benefit as many people as possible this course is subsidized by Bid Ops.

All CopyRights of these courses and assessment belong to Bid Ops


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There is a difference between Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing. Strategic sourcing is a cyclical process of gathering and analyzing information about a company’s buying requirements and suppliers’ markets along with individual vendor performance in order to find the most suitable sourcing partners for a company’s unique business goals. This Strategic Sourcing Course helps you understand the process better and future trends going forward.

In most cases, the main emphasis in strategic sourcing is on reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) instead of focusing efforts on purchasing price per item. In some cases, the main goal of a team performing sourcing analysis would be increased supply chain resilience, speed of delivery, transparency into their suppliers, or other factors outside of price reduction. It is worth adding that strategic sourcing principles could be successfully applied to evaluating potential outsourcing or consulting partners as well.

Hope this Course helps you gain knowledge about critical concepts if you are new to the profession or serve as a good refresher.

Introduction to Strategic Sourcing

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