A Brief Introduction

Benjamin is Supply Chain Manager at ITRON in Karlsruhe. In his current role he is leading the global functions for order scheduling, production planning and inventory management. He is in charge of 8 manufacturing plants and oversees 30 buyer and 20 production planer.

Benjamin has 20+ years of experience in the area of Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistic and Operations Management. He was leading several multi customer warehouses acting as 3PL, managed Outsourcing-Projects, implemented S&OP and standardized the planning and buying process in more than 20 factories to get to a stage where automation could support the overall functions.

He started his career at Schenker Deutschland AG, where he owned several roles until he reached the Logistics Manager position. After that he was leading the Supply Chain for ITRON at first for one site, expanded to area responsibility for EMEA/APAC until he got the Global responsibility.

Client Projects & Portfolio

Cost reduction
Logistics Trainings
Decrease HC
Cost saving
HC reduction

Industry Verticals

  • Transportation
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Consumer Products
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Supply Chain & Logistics


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