Supply Chain Assessment, Design and Execution

Supply Chain Assessment, Design and Execution

Your Supply Chain needs to adapt to new, ever-changing competition and market realities. Our end-to-end improvement process will

  • Review, evaluate and report on your entire current value chain

  • Identify your supply chain performance gaps with steps to improvement

  • Develop inventory deployment strategies for operational and organization success

  • Review value chain processes and information flows (tools, information systems and communication layers)


    Today's competition is fierce. To perform at peak operations efficiency, supply chains have to adapt to new digital realities, increased customer demands and new or improved technologies.

    Unfortunately, very few organizations have an ongoing, systematic program to achieve the levels of improvement required. Most organizations are still struggling to understand the new realities, and the impact on business today. Current incremental improvement plans are not achieving desired results, as seen in the number of organizational failures and closures.

    Our supply chain improvement approach is based on these new market and customer realities. And consists of an appraisal, review and evaluation of the entire value chain. We identify the supply chain performance gaps, and work with you on the specific strategic and tactical steps, as well as inventory deployment strategies you need to action now, for operational and organizational success. Don't get caught off-side...


Corey Weekes - Senior Director of Supply Chain


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Duration: 30 Days