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Saudi Arabia

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A Brief Introduction

Dr. Fahd Alfarsi is an operations and supply chain management assistant professor at University of Jeddah. He is also the representative of SCMDOJO in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Fahd has about 20 years of experience in both public and private sectors. He is an active consultant working with big logistics companies in Saudi Arabia

Client Projects & Portfolio

TGA performance evaluation
<p>Worked with TGA in Jeddah to assess and improves their operational performance</p>
NDLIP Logistics Training Program
Logistics Trainings
<p>Designed and delivered a full logistics training program for NDLIP managerial staff </p>
Develop and implement a knowledge mangement strategy
<p>Worked with a local logistics company to help them develop and implement a knowledge management strategy for their operations. </p>

Industry Verticals

  • Supply Chain & Logistics