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MG Consulting and Business Development

MG Consulting and Business Development

  • Viña del Mar, Chile
  • 4 years & 5 months
Independent Consultant and Business Development Partner
  • November 2019 - Present
As a consultant with ample experience in Operational and Commercial areas, having led in Chile, North America, and Europe, the design and implementation of integrated added-value solutions in the areas of Supply Chain and Sales management. I provide tailor-made consultative services to foreign companies in need of support to introduce their services in the Chilean and Latin American markets.
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Tompkins Ventures LLC
  • USA, Chile
  • 1 years & 6 months
Business Partner
  • October 2022 - Present
Tomkins Ventures Business Partner. Helping businesses create value and profitable growth through innovation.
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Transmetrics AD
  • Viña del Mar, Chile
  • 2 years & 3 months
Business Development Partner Latin America & Iberia
  • January 2022 - Present
Business Development Parnter for Transmetics in Latin America and Iberia.
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  • Dubai, Chile
  • 3 years & 5 months
Ambassador, Freelance
  • May 2022 - Present
SCMDOJO aims to help supply chain professionals grow by providing high-quality supply chain on-demand courses, guides, best practices, tools, and mentoring from industry experts.
Consultant / Logistics and Supply Chain
  • October 2022 - Present
Varified SCMDOJO Expert in the filed of Logistics and Supply Chain


Executive Mentoring certification program.

Diploma in Business Administration.

Direct Marketing fundamentals and case studies.

Intensive Program about Container Shipping with a strong focus on Container Fleet steering management strategies.