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30 years


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MG Consulting and Business Development

MG Consulting and Business Development

  • Viña del Mar, Chile
  • 4 years & 8 months
Independent Consultant and Business Development Partner
  • November 2019 - Present
As a consultant with ample experience in Operational and Commercial areas, having led in Chile, North America, and Europe, the design and implementation of integrated added-value solutions in the areas of Supply Chain and Sales management. I provide tailor-made consultative services to foreign companies in need of support to introduce their services in the Chilean and Latin American markets.
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Tompkins Ventures LLC

Tompkins Ventures LLC

  • USA, Chile
  • 1 years & 9 months
Business Partner
  • October 2022 - Present
Tomkins Ventures Business Partner. Helping businesses create value and profitable growth through innovation.
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Transmetrics AD

Transmetrics AD

  • Viña del Mar, Chile
  • 2 years & 6 months
Business Development Partner Latin America & Iberia
  • January 2022 - Present
Business Development Parnter for Transmetics in Latin America and Iberia.


Executive Mentoring certification program.

Diploma in Business Administration.

Direct Marketing fundamentals and case studies.