Maritime Freight Sourcing and Procurement

Maritime Freight Sourcing and Procurement

Requesting ocean rate bids can sometimes be a guessing game, which makes the process tedious for many shippers.

It's also time-consuming, and while it's something that supply chain and logistics professionals must do every year, it's best to be equipped with the necessary data to ensure a successful process.

From a shipper’s perspective, the focus should always be on ensuring you get your cargo where it needs to be and when all at the right price.

It is important to mention that each shipper and business is different. Shippers work in different industries, shippers have different sizes and shippers have different loading profiles Thus, it’s of utmost significance to get specific about the requirements of your organization in deep detail as there's no one size fits all in all this.

With the current market dynamics, it’s even more critical that you have the factual data and information you need to enter supplier negotiations.

The service includes an assessment of your current situation, bid preparation, commercials, and tender execution. 

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