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A Brief Introduction

The roles I can fulfill to support the needed changes are either as Subject Matter Expert, Interim Manager or Program/Project Manager.

Industry Verticals

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Logistics
  • Edtech
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain technology
  • Logistics & Transportation


Global Trade Considerations
Supply Chain

Global Trade Considerations

Enrolled Students: 3 No Ratings 1 hour 55 minutes

Learn about Global Trade Compliance to Regulation and Legislation.

$ 49

Supply Chain Sustainability
Supply Chain

Supply Chain Sustainability

Enrolled Students: 5 No Ratings 60 minutes

Learn about the Impact of the need for sustainable Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular economy and Moving from compliance to performance management

$ 49

Inventory Management Course
Supply Chain Best Seller

Basics of Inventory Management Course

Enrolled Students: 32 5.0 (4) 40 Minutes

Learn about the Impact of Inventory Management on the Supply Chain, Optimizing Inventory Levels, and Stock Counting procedures

$ 49

Basics of Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Best Seller Free

Basics of Supply Chain Management

Enrolled Students: 106 5.0 (12) 42 Minutes

Learn about Basic Supply Chains, Value Chains, Business Strategies & Concepts and Supply Chain Evolution

$ 49

Warehousing & Distribution
Logistics Best Seller

Modern Warehousing & Distribution Centers

Enrolled Students: 45 4.6 (5) 1 hour 05 minutes

Learn the history of industrial revolution, eCommerce in warehouse & distribution, material handing equipment, technology in supply chain and future of fulfillment.

$ 49

Metrics for Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Must know Metrics for Supply Chain Professionals

Enrolled Students: 39 5.0 (1) 1 hour 50 minutes

This course will help you gain knowledge about Supply Chain Performance Management in-depth knowledge content ,

$ 49

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