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In today's interconnected world, efficient logistics are the lifeblood of successful businesses. The Logistics Management Track equips you with the in-demand skills and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic field. Whether you're a newcomer eager to break into the exciting world of supply chain or a seasoned professional seeking to refine your expertise, this comprehensive program empowers you to become a logistics leader. Master the latest strategies for optimizing warehouses, designing efficient supply chain networks, and streamlining every stage of your operations. The Logistics Management Track is your key to unlocking a rewarding career and propelling your business toward success.

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This course provides valuable insights into Modern Warehousing and distribution practices. I appreciate SCMDOJO for providing me with the opportunity to learn this short course!


Very nice presentation that how man timely update his storage and distribution system from 19th century to 21st to meet his needs heading towards future 3D like replenishment. Warehousing with new techniques and use of robots paperless pickers with accuracy but cost remain untouch incase. i think Mr. Paul can add Blockchain technology application in means which will be plus for audience. Thanks


I recently completed the Supply Chain Network Design – Part 1 course offered by SCMDOJO Academy, and it was incredibly insightful. Shimon Gowda's expertise as a Supply Chain Professional shines through in this detailed course, which delves into the intricacies of balancing supply chain costs with lead time and customer service considerations. The course covers everything from the importance of sup

Manikanta Gupta

The Supply Chain Network Design – Part 1 course offered by SCMDOJO Academy exceeded my expectations. Shimon Gowda's practical approach and extensive experience as a Supply Chain Engineer make this course invaluable for anyone looking to delve into the details of supply chain network design. From strategic planning to tactical and operational considerations, the course covers a wide range of topics


Taking the SCMDOJO Academy course on Cost Categories of Inventory was a game-changer for me as a supply chain manager. Benjamin Bloch's in-depth knowledge and practical approach to inventory management shed light on the often-overlooked cost aspects of holding inventory. The course content was well-structured, covering everything from cost of capital to stocktaking time, and the inclusion of exerc


I recently completed the SCMDOJO Academy course on Cost Categories of Inventory, and I must say it was an eye-opening experience. Benjamin Bloch's expertise in supply chain management shines through as he meticulously breaks down the various cost components associated with holding inventory. The course not only provided valuable insights into minimizing holding costs but also equipped me with prac


As someone with a background in logistics, I found the SCMDOJO Academy Inbound Operations Course to be incredibly insightful and practical. Benjamin Bloch's expertise shines through in every module, providing a comprehensive understanding of inbound processes crucial for seamless warehouse operations. The course covers everything from supplier relations to practical considerations, offering valuable insights and real-world examples. The interactive exercises and quizzes further reinforce learning, making it an excellent investment for professionals looking to enhance their skills in warehouse management.


Very conscience and straight to the point with the essential details.


The course is too basic. I would like to see real examples of the technology.

Akash Chandra

This course is very useful to get knowledge about Modern Warehousing & Distribution Centers. The presentation of the instructor Paul Denneman is so excellent. Thanks a lot SCM Dojo for giving me the opportunity of learning this short and sweet course.

Meet your Experts

Logistics Track

The Logistics Mastermind Track equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in today's dynamic logistics landscape. This comprehensive program is designed for aspiring and experienced logistics professionals who want to:

Become a logistics leader: Gain the expertise to optimize every stage of your supply chain, from warehousing to delivery.

Boost your career: Our SCMDOJO Certification in Logistics Management is a valuable credential for advancing to senior logistics roles.

Drive results: Master essential skills to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

This intensive track covers a wide range of essential logistics topics, including:

  • Modern Warehousing & Distribution Centers: Master the art of efficient warehousing operations and distribution center management.
  • Supply Chain Network Design (Part 1 & 2): Strategically plan and optimize your supply chain network for maximum efficiency.
  • Inbound Operations Course: Gain a comprehensive understanding of inbound logistics, including receiving, inspection, and put-away processes.
  • Cost Categories of Inventory: Master the art of inventory management and cost optimization strategies.
  • Warehouse Design and Operations Diagnostics: Analyze your warehouse operations and identify areas for improvement.
  • Optimizing Outbound and Delivery Costs: Streamline your outbound logistics and reduce delivery costs.
  • Facilities Cost Management: Learn effective strategies for managing and optimizing facility costs.
  • Mastering Transport Management Systems (TMS): Harness the power of technology to manage your transportation operations with ease.
  • Understanding Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Selection and Management: Develop expertise in selecting and managing 3PL partnerships for a more efficient supply chain.

Go Beyond the Basics:

Best Practices and Tools: Access valuable resources like the Logistics KPIs Excel Template and Warehouse Audit tool to evaluate your current practices, identify areas for improvement, and ensure smoothness and safety in warehouse operations.

In-Depth Knowledge from Ebooks: Dive deeper with our comprehensive ebooks, including

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Transportation Contracts
  • Maritime Freight Sourcing and Procurement Guide)
  • How to Integrate a Warehouse Management System

The Logistics Advantage

  • Increased Efficiency: Streamline your operations, reduce waste, and improve delivery times, leading to significant cost savings for your organization.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Faster deliveries, improved accuracy, and better inventory management translate to happier customers and a stronger competitive edge.
  • Career Advancement: The SCMDOJO Certification combined with your newfound expertise positions you for promotions and leadership roles within the logistics industry.
  • Greater Adaptability: Master the latest logistics trends and technologies, allowing you to navigate the ever-evolving supply chain landscape with confidence.
  • Global Opportunities: Logistics skills are in high demand worldwide, opening doors for exciting international career possibilities.

The base salary for a Logistics Manager ranges from $104,000 to $135,000 annually, with an average base salary of $118,900.

Logistics managers are in high demand across various sectors. They're frequently sought after in industries like retail due to e-commerce growth, manufacturing for managing material flow, wholesale trade for efficient large-quantity movement, transportation and warehousing for core operations, healthcare for timely medical supply delivery, food and beverage to maintain fresh supply chains, technology for hardware and product movement, and even government agencies for managing resources and public goods distribution.

Consider top global logistics players like UPS, DHL, FedEx, and Maersk, or explore rankings based on specific needs like remote work options or women's experiences.