5S Kaizen Guide: Organizing the Workplace for Flow

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You have the potential to transform your business into a safe and productive entity. This 5S Kaizen Guide makes a great first step. It establishes the trust and skills needed to go the distance with lean. It puts the shop and office in order, eliminates the “low hanging fruit” of process waste, and establishes the discipline required to implement more advanced continuous flow techniques.

Eliminate the clutter with Sort, arrange with Straighten, sparkle with Shine, create a proper guideline with Standardize, and inspire with Sustain. It is that easy!!


“Excellence is not an act, but a Habit.” – Aristotle.

The 5S Kaizen Guide Includes:

  • Introduction to the 5S Program
  • What is 5S?  Where did it originate?
  • Why are we doing 5S?
  • What can 5S do for you at your plant or business?
  • Benefits/Objectives of implementing 5S.
  • The Five Pillars of 5S Explained in every detail
  • Step 1: Sort 5
  • Step 2: Straighten. 8
  • Step 3: Shine 10
  • Step 4: Standardize 12
  • Step 5: Sustain 15
  • Safety as 5S+

This 5S guide is comprised of 18 pages with the 3904 word count. Included as Microsoft Word and PDF format.

This guide also include

  • A real example of 5S Office Audit Checklist – which you can customize to your business.
  • A simple Shop Floor 5S Audit Checklist – which you can customize to your business.

To understand why having this 5S Kaizen Guide is important, read my blog “5 Massive Reasons Why You Should Conduct 5S Kaizen in Your Business“.

The 5S system allows employees to participate in the workplace design. This increases their commitment to the long-term sustainability of the business. When you conduct a 5S Kaizen using this 5S Kaizen Guide,  a side benefit of this is that employees feel responsible for the overall success of the company thus making them go the extra mile in promoting its growth.

5S is a cost-effective and accessible lean technique. It lays the foundation for other lean techniques. Thus, it is an excellent system to adopt for business owners who want to improve the overall business performance and operations.

If your country do not allow PayPal, you can try think link here to download from here 5S Kaizen Guide: Organizing the Workplace for Flow

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