Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Technology Implementations
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Learn step-by-step process on how to create a business case for supply chain technology implementation, get it approved and then implement the technology.

What you’ll learn


After completing this course, Supply Chain technology implementation,, learners will be able to:

  • Create a business case and calculate the expected ROI for a software implementation
  • Communicate business value to decision-makers
  • Determine readiness for software implementations
  • Explain how to follow and create an implementation plan or framework
  • Identify and plan for continuous improvement efforts related to software implementations, including reskilling and upskilling plans for employees and process improvement


Why learn with Dyci Sfregola

Chief Executive Officer - New Gen Architects

When it comes supply chain and product operations, Dyci Sfregola’s experience is that most organisations leave money on the table due to disorganised processes.

She founded New Gen Architects in 2020 to show companies how to transform business operations, starting with their supply chain. Leveraging her business acumen and technical expertise, Dyci’s vision is to empower clients to be customer-centric and scale intelligently.

Through business and digital architecture advisory services, she directs clients on establishing efficient processes, identifying and implementing digital technologies, and engaging people as a roadmap for success.

Dyci’s Perspective:

1. Process and people before technology.
2. The importance of clean data? Critically important.
3. Breaking down silos is necessary.
4. Cross-functional collaboration and communication are powerful.
5. Strategic supplier partner relationship/partnerships are essential.

Who is this course for?


  • This course (Supply Chain Technology Implementation) is for anyone who wants to learn about supply chain digital transformation and its role in services or manufacturing.
  • Furthermore, it will give knowledge to people who are interested in a career in Supply Chain Technology Implementation & consulting.
  • Anyone working in the supply chain & who would like to enhance their skills; people who want to have a better understanding of how to Build the Business Case for Supply Chain Technology Implementations
  • The instructor of this course has kept this course very practical and easy to implement in you day job.



  • Access to Internet
  • Computer / Laptop / Mobile Device

What is included in this course?


  • Immediate unlimited access to course materials
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Exercises and quizzes to help you put theory into practice
  • English Closed Captions
  • Full transcripts in pdf for each lesson
  • Suitable for mobile or desktop
  • SCMDOJO Certification when you pass the course quiz (accessible from Learning Center post sign-in)

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Ratings and Reviews

Avg. Rating
4 Ratings
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Fidel EDON
Posted 6 months ago
Great course.

I like the content of the course and the way it was conducted.

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Hazem Amasha
Posted 6 months ago
This Course enabled me to answer the management questions before they even ask.

I had a very important supply chain digitization program and this course was the best thing i did before the CEO crucial presentation, the whole program was depending on selling the idea to the top management team. It enabled me to calculate the expected ROI and the best part is that I was ansering the CEO questions before they even ask. The outcome was fantastic It's a highly recommended course.

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Saurabh Grover B.E., MBA
Posted 10 months ago
Learned how to become a storyteller and tie everything back to financial statements and realized benefits

I learned how to create a business case and calculate expected ROI for software implementation. Additionally, I learned about the importance of ensuring readiness in terms of people, processes, and data, as well as the significance of business and solution requirements documentation, avoiding scope creep, and considering the total cost of ownership.

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Javier Peña
Posted 10 months ago
Starting a process digitalization project need to be done in an intelligent and structured process. Find here how to proceed.

In order to implement a process digitalization we have to be clear about when is the time to start the project, who should be the actors, what steps must be followed and perhaps even more important, know exactly what savings, increased profitability or improvements in customer service are to be obtained in a defined time frame. You can find out about all this in this course.

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