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A Brief Introduction

Dr Muddassir Ahmed is the Founder & CEO of SCMDOJO. He is a global speaker, vlogger and supply chain industry expert with 17 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia in various Supply Chain leadership roles.  Dr. Muddassir has received a PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School. Muddassir is a Six Sigma black belt and has founded the leading supply chain platform SCMDOJO to enable supply chain professionals and supply chain teams to thrive by providing best-in-class knowledge content, tools and access to experts.

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Client Projects & Portfolio

End-to-end supply chain digitalization system architecture
Supply Chain Management Consulting Digital Transformation in Supply Chain
<p><p>I specialize in End-to-End Supply Chain Digital Transformation. And delivery of the following tasks:</p> <ul> <li>Starting from the training of the employees</li> <li>Change management</li> <li>Project management</li> <li>Technology selection</li> <li>System architecture design</li> <li>Implementation of Project</li> <li>Post Go-live support and maintenance</li> </ul></p>
PROJECT RPA: Tracking of Shipment by BOT
Supply Chain Transformation Digital Transformation in Supply Chain
<p>Using RPA</p> <ul> <li>To update customers with accurate ATA & Identify any shipment delays.</li> <li>Improve lead time accuracy for better planning for customers.</li> </ul> <p>See attached presentation for the challenge address and benefits.</p>
Masterclass - How to Build a Digitally Enabled Supply Chain
Digital Transformation in Supply Chain
<p>I have provided Masterclass in <span style="background-color: #fbeeb8;">"How to Build a Digitally Enabled Supply Chain."</span></p> <p><em><strong>What You Will Learn</strong></em></p> <ul> <li> <p>Theory of Supply Chain Digitalization</p> </li> <li> <p>Supply Chain Digitalization Project Management </p> </li> <li> <p>Supply Chain Digitalization Case Study</p> </li> </ul>

Industry Verticals

  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Supply chain technology
  • Industrials
  • Education
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Wholesale
  • Professional Services
  • Logistics
  • Heavy Industry
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing


Production and Operations Management Course
Supply Chain Best Seller Free

Introduction Production and Operations Management Course

Enrolled Students: 85 4.6 (8) 30 minutes

This Introduction Production and Operations Management Course is concerned with the design, planning and control of operating systems for the provision of goods and services

$ 49

Supply Chain Digitalization Bundle

Supply Chain Digitalization (Bundle)

Enrolled Students: 15 5.0 (1) 50 minutes

Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment template along with our carefully curated Supply Chain Digitalization Course! Be the Ace in your team

$ 65

Supply Chain Digitalization
Supply Chain Digitalization Best Seller

Supply Chain Digitalization Course

Enrolled Students: 14 4.5 (2) 50 minutes

This course is Supply Chain Digitalization 101. You will learn about the definition, success factors, barriers and its digitalization impact.

$ 49

S&OP course
Supply Chain Best Seller

How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Process Steps & Overcome Barriers

Enrolled Students: 91 5.0 (5) 120 minutes

This course essentially answers the question: How Do You Run an S&OP Process Everyone in Understands.

$ 49


5s kaizen guide
Kaizen Operations
Total Downloads: 7 0 (0)

$ 30

Supply Chain
Total Downloads: 15 0 (0)

$ 35

Inventory Planning Methods
Supply Chain
Total Downloads: 25 0 (0)

$ 20

Demand Forecasting Methods The Ultimate Guide
Supply Chain
Total Downloads: 35 0 (0)

$ 20

Plan For Every Part Template
Supply Chain
Total Downloads: 39 0 (0)

$ 30

Supply Chain Terms
Supply Chain
Total Downloads: 26 0 (0)

$ 20

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