Distribution Operations Assessment Tool

Why do you need Distribution Operations Assessment?

The distributorship field has been fast-growing in recent years, and intense competition has occurred with the rise of eCommerce. To be afloat in this competition, distributors must keep pace with new supply chain & logistics developments, improvements, and variations.

That’s why it has been gaining importance to evaluate performance using distribution operations assessment tool and set a course and strategy for improving the operations condition from the point of distributors.

This Distribution Operations Assessment Will Help:

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Principal Corporates to evaluate current distributor partners’ operations or help in evaluating the operations of the new distributor they are taking on board.
  2. Distributors to gain further insight in :
    • Proper comprehension of materials management & logistics knowledge can help identify gaps.
    • It will help you to evaluate yourselves, to make judgments about your performance, and improve upon it.
    • It will help you to foster many skills, such as reflection, critical thinking, and self-awareness.
    • Identify knowledge and skills gaps in The Basics Management Capabilities, Logistics Capabilities & Materials Management Capabilities.
    • Gives you scores, analyses, and graphs on the completion of materials management competency assessment


The tool has 58 questions under the below-mentioned three categories in the distribution operations assessment tool.


  1. What to Expect from a Distributor - The Basics Management Capabilities Criteria
  2. Logistics Capabilities
  3. Materials Management Capabilities

Below is the sample image of the assessment for 1st category.

Distributor Operations Assessment The Basic Management Capabilities


The assessment tool comes with dynamic graphs.

types of distributor


wholesaler in Dubai


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Files Included

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