Supply Chain Digitalization (Bundle)
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Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment template along with our carefully curated Supply Chain Digitalization Course! Be the Ace in your team

Supply-Chain-Digitalization-Readiness-Assessment - Course Bundle


Get your hands on a Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment template and a self-paced online course on Supply Chain Digitalization. If you are here to optimize your supply chain processes by providing digital solutions, this course bundle is for you!  

Optimization and productivity in your processes is a mandatory requirements in today's rapidly progressing global world and replacing analogue. Manual paperwork is the need of the hour, particularly for supply chain processes.

So if you are here to lead the change, take charge and transform your conventional supply chain processes into a digital solution that strengthens and optimizes your processes, SCMDOJO has it covered both in the form of an online course and an assessment tool created for you to customize for your requirements.

At SCMDOJO, we aim to bring your full potential and equip you with the information and tools necessary to stay ahead of the curve.


An introductory level course on Supply Chain Digitalization
A Supply Chain Digital Readiness Assessment Template



What you get out of this offering is a self-paced online course in Supply Chain Digitalization that includes the following:

Four top-notch videos covering the basics of supply chain digitalization
A challenging assessment designed to test your knowledge
Videos with closed captions
Content delivered by one of the leading Supply Chain Practitioners
A SCMDOJO Certificate to prove the authenticity of your knowledge.

That's not it; Once you have completed the course, you can use the assessment tool to implement what you have learned...

What Does Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment Includes:


Our Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Assessment equips you with the means to start your digitization journey.

Before bringing any change, you must know what to change and how much to change.

Our assessment tool gives you a bird’s eye view of the current state of your supply chain digitalization in your company.


Six Categories to Monitor Supply Chain Digitalisation Readiness:

  • Managerial & Capability Supporters. Core business areas required for successful supply chain digitisation.
  • Technology: Technologies are being applied for the digitisation of the supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Process Performance Requirements: Supply chain benefits from the implementation of these technologies.
  • Strategic Outcomes: The effects that the company as a whole is achieving through improvements in the supply chain.
  • Smart Product Realisation: The shift from products to "combinations of products and services" as value-added offerings.
  • Smart Product Application: Implementation of intelligent products within the company.


If you choose SCMDOJO’s tool, you will have ...

Supply Chain Digitalization Readiness Easy-to-use assessment tool
Unlimited access anywhere, anytime
63 focus questions to self-assess your current state of digitalization
Six key supply chain digitization categories


Supply Chain Digitalization Assessment

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Clarity in the Basic fundamental of Digitalization

A great session with crisp and clear understanding to start with.

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