Sales and Operations Planning Process Assessment

For the effective implementation of a successful Sales and Operations Planning Process, we have developed a user-friendly survey-like questionnaire Self-Assessment tool in Excel, which you can conveniently download and share with your teams.


This Sales and Operations Planning Process Self-Assessment tool serves as a guide to help you identify any gaps in your business concerning the process elements listed below.


The Sales and Operations Planning process holds a pivotal role within the supply chain planning hierarchy.


To bridge these gaps, you can refer to and study the Top 7 Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Books or feel free to email me—I'm here to assist!


The Sales and Operations Planning Process Self-Assessment tool comprises 29 questions across the six categories mentioned below:


  • S&OP Process Policy and Documentation
  • S&OP Organization, Meetings, and Collaboration
  • S&OP Plan Integration, Planning Horizon, and Scope
  • Measurements - Use of KPIs in S&OP Process
  • The maturity of the 5 Steps S&OP Process on a Scale of 1-5 (1- Lowest & 5- Highest)
  • S&OP Advanced Stage Questions


Simplistically speaking, the S&OP process precisely delivers what its name suggests – a comprehensive overview of the company's Sales and Operations Planning methodology. Its primary objective is to assist in comprehending the equilibrium between supply and demand planning.


This process embodies an organizational enhancement approach that will:


  1. Attain a harmonious understanding among employees regarding supply capacity and market demand.
  2. Establish a unified vocabulary for information exchange across all functional groups.


The Sales and Operations Planning Process, which follows a 5-step monthly structure (as depicted below), aids both the business and Supply Chain communities in preemptively preparing for shifts in demand by closely Monitoring the External Market.



S&OP as a Supply Chain Process:


  • Encompasses forecasting and decision-making aspects.
  • Engages every department within the business.
  • Offers visibility and alignment regarding mid-term demand (2-18 months).
  • Operates on a monthly cycle.
  • Furnishes realistic demand, production, and inventory plans to fulfill customer needs.
  • Requires the collaboration of a cross-functional team.
  • Involves documentation and agreement from all involved parties.
  • Facilitates communication and coordination of activities across various departments.


If PayPal is unavailable in your country, you can attempt this alternative link to access the download.



The guide is inspired by research article

J. Andrew Grimson, David F. Pyke, (2007) “Sales and operations planning: an exploratory study and framework”, The International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. 18 Issue: 3, pp.322-346

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A Valuable Resource for Enhancing Sales and Operations Planning

Rated 5.0 out of 5
2 months ago

This blog is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their Sales and Operations Planning process. The Self-Assessment tool it offers is user-friendly and comprehensive, covering essential aspects of S&OP. The inclusion of additional resources like the Top 7 S&OP Books and the willingness to provide assistance via email is a testament to its commitment to helping businesses succeed. Highly recommended!

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