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28 May

Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Within Reach

Surprisingly well, my vlog on the 5 levels of Supply Chain Planning has received approximately 10,000 views in the past year. I discussed the hierarchy of Supply Chain Planning levels at which Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) fits in this vlog. I haven’t had many requests to suggest the best books for sales and operations planning in response. This prompts the creation of this blog post.


Few business owners have ever achieved the cross-functional collective management that many have long yearned for and attempted to construct in order to create processes that spur market expansion. The two reasons for this failure are frequently:


  • A less rigorous transformation management process
  • A lack of a compelling change justification.


Individuals who have toiled, studied, and been under pressure to bring about changes are aware that change only occurs when it is desired. There needs to be a change agent who envisions and nurtures the desire to advance through dialogue and education. The best sales and operations planning books must be used, and a shift to a new phase necessitates new behavior and processes. A change is successfully implemented when the practice, process, and vision are articulated through methodical managerial changes.


We’d all like to see more books on sales and operations planning authored by reputable, knowledgeable professionals. Such publications on sales and operations planning are not only useful for professionals, but they are also clear enough for beginners. The top 7 finest sales and operations planning books are mentioned below and cover all topics, from concepts to practices, with plenty of real-world examples. These top 7 S&OP books cover the practical application of a strong process in Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning with regular updates, reflection on new standards, and best practices.


These top 7 Sales and Operations Planning books are probably more engaging to read because they not only provide useful tools and advice but also test your ability to think critically and creatively. The most important difficulties facing different sectors of any organization are addressed by these knowledgeable experts from a managerial perspective. In-depth understandings of resource synchronization, supply and demand, and other competitive and superior advantages are also provided.


I also created a thorough course called “How to Run an S&OP Process – Benefits, Steps & Barriers” where I shared my 15 years of experience as a demand planner and as the S&OP leader for a $500 Million organization as a better alternative to traditional classroom instruction.


How To Run an S&OP Process Course


Watch this video to learn what is included in the course and why it is unique:



These Top 7 Books on Sales and Operations planning demonstrate:


  • How to increase operational performance and ensure success through people, procedures, and sales and operations planning.
  • How to apply the S&OP mechanisms to boost bottom-line performance and top-line revenue.
  • How S&OP can be utilised to successfully predict downturns and upturns in order to continuously meet financial objectives.How organisations using this method have improved business strategy execution, which increases market value.


List of Top 7 Sales and Operations Planning Books


1. Sales and Operations Planning How To Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands

Sales and Operations Planning How To Run an S&OP



This sales and operations planning book has a narrative flair enhanced by vivid pictures, realistic characters, practical examples, and activities to put the concepts discussed to use. Although Sales and Operational Planning is the cornerstone of Active Supply Chain Management, it is frequently overly complex and difficult to apply. An interesting manual for adopting S&OP is available in “Sales and Operations Planning: How to Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands” in order to reap even more benefits.


This Sales and Operations Planning book is required reading if you intend to adopt S&OP, regardless of your level of experience or whether you are just beginning your career in supply chain management. The author, Duncan McLeod, uses fictional characters and a plot to explain the fundamentals before introducing a process that not only enhances your managerial skills but also those of your entire team.

2. Sales & Operations Planning: The How-to Handbook, 2nd Edition

Sales & Operations Planning



Do you currently use S&OP techniques or do you have any plans to do so soon? Your implementation plan will become more assured, less hazardous, and more successful as a result of reading this book on sales and operations planning. From Team composition to the principles of the S&OP design, the writers Bob & Tom covered all the elements necessary for the successful implementation of any S&OP plan.


You may learn a lot more from this book on how to enhance the S&OP process and make it more profitable and efficient. Additional new and improved content is available on Change Management, resolving a broken S&OP Process, graphic displays (in color), highly variable supply, implementation methodology, managing risk, new product introduction, the “people” part implementation, and software selection criteria. This edition goes into greater detail about S&OP, including How It Works, Implementation, Budgeting, Minimal Risk, and Effectiveness.


3. Sales & Operations Planning – Best Practices: Lessons Learned

Sales & Operations Planning


This highly acclaimed author’s book on sales and operations planning allows you to “go inside” any business scenario and discover how to apply the S&OP Process to better manage your company. You will also hear from the consultant who assisted in carrying out such S&OP plans using examples from various organizations, both large and small. The book also explains how effective firm’s use S&OP, including what is involved, what procedures are taken, and how it functions.


This book on sales and operations planning offers responses to inquiries like, “Does it work?” which kind of clients and products? Aids it in the development of new products? How are the supply and demand forecasts for the specific product managed? Is S&OP actually necessary in a company that employs Continuous Improvement techniques? S&OP is reliant on the size of the organization and works well with supply chain management. This S&OP book is well-structured to demonstrate how implementing modifications to the S&OP process develops a successful market understanding.


4. Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS: Find, Measure, and Manage Results Throughout Your Supply Chain

Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS:


For individuals looking for enhanced outcomes from the S&OP process, the book Sales & Operations Planning outcomes is a condensed and well-written resource. In addition to strategies for carrying out an S&OP process, the author uses specific ideas for cost savings and financial gains to manage and measure results at every level.


The book explains in depth how sales and operations planning may be used to achieve enhanced association, quantifiable performance, and focused improvement through the use of KPIs. The book is based on the author’s more than 20 years of experience serving as a management consultant for numerous large international organizations. For both people with practical experience and those seeking leadership responsibilities, the book provides case examples, a variety of formats and tools, specialized information, as well as a download link to sample templates.


5. Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning: Synchronizing Demand, Supply and Resources for Peak Performance (J. Ross Publishing Integrated Business Management Series)

Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning



The fundamentals and specifics of carrying out sales and operations planning are expertly covered in this book on sales and operations planning. This book adds sales and operational excellence to a situation that cannot be resolved with technology alone. The implementation of an integrated management system, such as enterprise resource planning or SCM, is crucial for the success of S&OP. This book serves as an example of how this potent approach might be applied practically. The case narrative is skillfully written, and the instructional style is one that most managers can identify with.

6. The Market-Driven Supply Chain: A Revolutionary Model for Sales and Operations Planning in the New On-Demand Economy

The Market-Driven Supply Chain


You may use this S&OP book to help you develop market-savvy S&OP plans that are built on solid cross-functional partnerships and market knowledge. You can learn more about making effective changes to a company’s culture and managerial procedures in this book. It would make it possible for you to adopt a customer-centric strategy that produces excellent business outcomes and helps you understand how to both compete and lead in your markets.


This book on sales and operations planning offers in-depth knowledge about a significant new management method that creates whole organisational association and is very effective in carrying out any strategy. You will also learn how, although initially seeming paradoxical, being market-driven is useful and reflects reality. Although becoming market-driven may seem intimidating, it is ultimately not difficult to accomplish with the methods provided in this book. The tools are for achieving new S&OP transition, building new processes, and cultural transformation. This accessible yet comprehensive book aids businesses in making the switch from antiquated supply-driven systems to modern market-driven ones.


7. Sales & Operations Planning The Executive’s Guide

Sales & Operations Planning


In this era of global operations, Sales & Operations Planning has evolved into a crucial set of management tools that also includes meeting rising client demand. This sales and operations planning book, Sales & Operations Planning: The Executive’s Guide, is primarily designed to assist busy executives in implementing and comprehending what they need to know about Executive S&OP. This book is simple to read and is written in language that is both plain and understandable. With the help of Sales & Operations Planning: The Executive’s Guide, you may discover how to gain the visibility necessary to be more proactive than reactive in order to have greater control over your company.




In order to keep up with accelerating service expectations and reaction times, sales and operations strategy must be current and market-savvy. The project professional has options after reading these Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Nearby. The main advantages that your company will experience from implementing market-savvy S&OP are higher market share gains and the creation of free cash flow. Customer demands for specialised attention and niche items are revolutionising every aspect of business. It is no longer as difficult as it seems, and you may accomplish even more with the help of these books, case studies, advice, and resources.


Depending on the writing style or approach you choose, you can choose the most recent Guide from the top 7 handySales and Operations Planning books. Finally, I hope that one or more of these books on sales and operations planning will be able to assist project professionals and provide them with the solutions they require for a specific situation.


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Recommended Online Courses on Sales and Operations Planning


How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Process Steps & Overcome Barriers


How To Run an S&OP Process Course


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