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Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Within Reach

My vlog on 5 Levels of Supply Chain Planning has surprisingly done well and in last 12 months have circa 10k views. In this vlog I have talked about where Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) fits in different levels of Supply Chain Planning hierarchy. In response, I have received few requests to recommend Best Sales and Operations Planning books. This leads to writing up of this blog.

Several business owners have long desired, and even endeavored to have cross-functional collective management, to build processes that drive market growth, only a few succeeded. This failure is often due to two factors:

  • Lack of persuasive reason for a change, and
  • Less rigorous transformation management process.

Individuals who have labored studied and stressed achieving changes know that change comes only when it is desired. There must be a role model for change, envisaging and cultivating the desire to improve through communication and education. A transition to a new phase, entails new behavior, new processes, and using the best sales and operations planning books. A change is well executed through disciplined managerial changes and process articulating the practice, process, and vision.

Ideally, we all prefer sales and operations planning books written by respected and seasoned experts. Such Sales and Operations Planning books are bright enough for beginners but significant also for the experienced hands. The top 7 best sales and Operations planning books to keep within reach as listed below covers all aspects ranging from principles to practices, with abundant practical examples. With regular updates, reflecting on newest standards and best practices, these top 7 S&OP books deal with effective, real-world implementation of a robust process in Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning.

These top 7 Sales and Operations Planning books are arguably more exciting to read, offering not only practical tools and tips but also challenging you thinking ability to be more creative and resourceful. These experienced authors address most decisive issues from a managerial perspective to other areas within any enterprise. You also get keen insights into resource synchronization, demand and supply, and other competitive and superior advantages.

I have also prepared a better alternative for learning by creating a comprehensive course “How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Steps & Barriers“, where I have shared my 15 years of experience as Demand Planner and also as S&OP leader for $500 Million business.

Get How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Process Steps & Barriers

Watch this video to learn what is included in the course and why it is unique.

These top 7 Sales and Operations Planning books illustrate:

  • How people, processes, sales and operations planning ensure success and improve operational performance.
  • How to execute the mechanics of S&OP to improve top-line revenue and bottom-line performance.
  • How S&OP can be used successfully to determine downturns and upturns to consistently achieve financial goals.
  • How businesses applying this method have improved execution of business strategies which leads to increased market value.
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1. Sales and Operations Planning How To Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands

This sales and operations planning book offers a storyteller’s edge boosted with colorful illustrations, relatable characters, through examples and exercises to practice the presented concepts. Sales and Operational Planning is the foundation for active supply chain management yet it often turns out to be over-complicated and tough to implement. “Sales and Operations Planning: How to Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands” provides an engaging guide to implementing S&OP in order to attain even more benefits. Whether you are an upcoming supply chain practitioner or a tested veteran, this Sales and Operations Planning books is compulsory if you plan to implement S&OP. The author, Duncan McLeod, make use of characters and a storyline to help understand the basics and starts implementing a process that not only improves your managerial ability but that of your whole team.

2. Sales & Operations Planning: The How-to Handbook, 2nd Edition

Executing S&OP methods now, or planning to do so in near future? This sales and operations planning book will make your implementation plan more confident, less risky, and more effective. The authors, Bob & Tom, covered all parts required for the successful implementation of any S&OP plan, from Team composition to the fundamentals of the S&OP design. With this book, you can learn a whole more about how to improve the S&OP process and make it more beneficial and effective. You can also find new and enhanced material on Change Management, fixing a Broken S&OP Process, Graphical Displays (in color), Highly Variable Supply, Implementation Methodology, Managing Risk, New Product Introduction, The “People” Part Implementation, and Software Selection Criteria. This edition explains more on S&OP; How It Works, Implementation, Budgeting, minimal risk, and effectiveness.

3. Sales & Operations Planning – Best Practices: Lessons Learned

This sales and operations planning book, written by a highly decorated author offer the ability to “go inside” any business scenario and learn how to effectively use S&OP Process to run your business better. With examples from various businesses, large and smaller, you will also hear from the consultant who helped execute such S&OP plan. The book also brings to light how successful companies execute S&OP, what is involved, steps followed, and how it works. This sales and operations planning book provides answers to such questions like here does it work? With which customers and product type? Does it aid new Product Development? How are the demand and supply plans for the detailed product managed? Is S&OP really required in a business using Continuous Improvement methods? S&OP functions well with Supply Chain Management and is dependent on the size of the business. This S&OP book is well structured to validate how to applying changes in the S&OP process creates a winning market understanding.

4. Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS: Find, Measure, and Manage Results Throughout Your Supply Chain

This sales and operations planning book, Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS, is a concise and well- written book for those seeking improved results from the S&OP process. The author makes use of specific ideas for cost savings and financial benefits, in addition to techniques for executing an S&OP process to manage and track results at every level. The book provides in details how Sales & Operations Planning can be introduced for constant improvement that aligns to achieving improved association, quantifiable performance, and focused improvement on the use of KPI’s. The book is created around the author’s experience spanning over 20 years working as a management consultant for various global corporations. The book offers case examples, several formats and tools, specific details, as well as a download link to sample templates for those that are hands-on, along with those considering leadership roles.

5. Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning: Synchronizing Demand, Supply and Resources for Peak Performance (J. Ross Publishing Integrated Business Management Series)

This sales and operations planning book masterfully describe both the basics and the details for completely and effectively execute sales and operations planning. This book adds operational excellence and sales into a context which cannot be achieved using technology alone. To be successful with S&OP, an effective process is essential to implement an integrated management system, such as enterprise resources planning or SCM. This book demonstrates the effective practical implementation of this powerful process. It is well written as a case narrative with an instructional style most managers can relate to.

6. The Market-Driven Supply Chain: A Revolutionary Model for Sales and Operations Planning in the New On-Demand Economy

This S&OP book will aid you in creating market-savvy S&OP plans that is founded on strong cross-functional alliance and market insights. In this book, you will learn more about implementing successful changes, both in the managerial process and company’s culture. It would enable you to move to a customer-centric approach that yields outstanding business results and not only sees how you can compete but how it can lead in its markets. This sales and operations planning book provide in-depth insight into learning about an influential new management process that brings about complete organizational association which is highly effective in executing any strategy. You will also be well covered on how being market-driven is practical and mirrors reality, regardless of its initial seeming to be counterintuitive. Becoming market-driven may appear daunting, but in the end, it is not difficult to achieve with tools described in this book. The tools are for the transformation of culture, designing new processes, and accomplishment of new S&OP transition. This practical yet expansive book helps organizations transition from outdated supply-driven processes to new market-driven models.

7. Sales & Operations Planning The Executive’s Guide

Sales & Operations Planning has developed into an important set of management tools in this age of global operations that extends into satisfying increasing customers demand. The primary component of this sales and operations planning book, Sales & Operations Planning: The Executive’s Guide, is to help busy executive execute and understand what he/she needs to know about Executive S&OP. Inscribed in clear and comprehensible language, this book can easily be read. Thanks to Sales & Operations Planning: The Executive’s Guide, you can learn how to have more control of your business through attaining the visibility required in order to be more proactive rather than reactive.


Today’s high-risk factor economy entails current market-savvy sales and operations planning to maintain pace with fast-tracking service demands and response times. These Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Within Reach are about options for the project professional. The key benefits your business accrues from implementing market-savvy S&OP will be free-cash-flow generation and better market share gains. Customer demands specific attention and dedicated products are transforming commerce at every stage. It is no longer as daunting as it sounds and with these books, case studies, tips, and tools, you can achieve even more.

You can choose between the latest Guide from the top 7 handySales and Operations Planning books, which is all dependent on the style you prefer or find the method of writing better. In the end, I hope that any of these Sales and Operations Planning books aid and deliver solutions to project professional’s in need of particular setting or circumstance.

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