The Most Complete Supply Chain Terms and Glossary

Managers, academics, students, professionals, and practitioners of Supply Chain Management require ready access to a definitive source of current terminology and practice. This is the first and most up-to-date source that provides all the necessary supply chain concepts and definitions relevant to the subject of Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

Salient features of this Supply Chain Terms & Glossary include:

  • 2700+ Supply Chain Terms and Glossary, which, if purchased in paperback format, could cost between £21.54 to £55.58.
  • Download as a PDF file.
  • Current definitions, based on those given by leading authorities
  • Key e-commerce terminology
  • Terminologies also employed in procurement, supply, logistics, contract negotiation and all aspects of materials management.
  • 182 pages
  • 72,908 word-count
  • supply chain terms

If you are confused by all of the technical jargon and terms of the supply chain that are used in the field of Supply Chain & Logistics Management, then you are in the right place. I have even put together a PDF version of my digital supply chain and logistics management glossary for you to download!

It will be of particular use if you are new to this industry where you might find the industry jargon and abbreviations confusing, and at times you might not even know what they are talking about! This is your one-stop-shop where you will find hundreds of common supply chain terms.

Use the glossary index below to find the definitions for a range of supply chain, logistics & ERP, and Procurement abbreviations and acronyms.

Use this as a reference guide for any unknown supply chain concepts and where and how to study more.


Dr. Muddassir Ahmed
Most Complete Supply Chain Terms and Glossary
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Most Complete Supply Chain Terms and Glossary
A very handy Supply Chain Terms and Glossary, full of the supply chain & logistics definitions. We hope this helps you decipher all the social jargon!
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Dr. Muddassir Ahmed
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