Material Management Competency Assessment

How does your Materials Management Competencies knowledge hold up? These 11 competencies Self-Assessment tool Guide lays out what you need to know.

For a successful career in supply chain professionals should strive to gain knowledge in all 11 vital components of materials management technical competencies. To understand your current knowledge and skills status I have designed this Materials Management Competency Assessment tools, which:

  • Can provide insight into your true comprehension of materials management & supply chain knowledge and can help to identify gaps.

  • Will help to evaluate yourselves, to make judgments about your own performance and improve upon it.

  • Will help you to foster many skills, such as reflection, critical thinking and self-awareness

  • This approach promotes a shift towards student-centered learning in which students define their own goals and the steps required to meet them.

  • Helps you develop good judgment skills. In order to assess your own knowledge, one must develop their judgment skills, so they can define what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about a piece of work or level of knowledge/skills.

  • Gives you score, analyses, and graph on the completion of materials management competency assessment


76 Criteria Questions in All 11 Categories

  1. Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Material Requirements Planning
  4. Capacity Planning
  5. Process Planning
  6. Demand Management and Forecasting
  7. Sales and Operations Planning
  8. Risk Management
  9. Supply Chain Continuity
  10. Physical Distribution Management
  11. Supply Chain Resilience

You will get curated lists for Supply Chain Books, Courses and Best Practices to close the Knowledge- Gap on low scoring Categories.

Here are Quick Steps to Access the Assessment

1. Login or Sign using your email

2. Click on "New Self Assessment"

3. Under Materials Management Technical Competencies click on Start- Self Assessment

4. Continue selecting Yes or No in each Category

5. Complete the Self-Assessment and Click on “ See Analysis of this Evaluation”

6. Review the Analysis and Graph & Table to see your total score in each category

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To understand your current knowledge and skills status I have designed this Materials Management Competency Assessment tools.

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