Paul Denneman

Supply Chain Expert - Senior Supply Chain Consultant


Based in the Netherlands, Paul is a Supply Chain Expert, Consultant, International Master Trainer, Speaker.

Paul has been engaged in the transition of the complex supply chain where legislation and regulations play an important role.

Paul has trained over 1000 professionals in 100+ companies globally.

Courses by Paul Denneman

Metrics for Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Must know Metrics for Supply Chain Professionals

5.0 (1) 01:50 Hrs

This course will help you gain knowledge about Supply Chain Performance Management in-depth knowledge content ,

$ 39

Warehousing & Distribution
Logistics Best Seller

Modern Warehousing & Distribution Centers

4.5 (4) 01:05 Hrs

Learn the history of industrial revolution, eCommerce in warehouse & distribution, material handing equipment, technology in supply chain and future of fulfillment.

$ 49

Basics of Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Best Seller

Basics of Supply Chain Management

5.0 (2) 42 Minutes

Learn about Basic Supply Chains, Value Chains, Business Strategies & Concepts and Supply Chain Evolution

$ 49

Inventory Management Course
Inventory Management Best Seller

Basics of Inventory Management Course

5.0 (2) 40 Minutes

Learn about the Impact of Inventory Management on the Supply Chain, Optimizing Inventory Levels, and Stock Counting procedures

$ 49