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08 Jan

10 Must-Listen Supply Chain Podcasts for Industry Professionals

In this fast-changing world, if you are a supply chain professional looking to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, podcasts are the best way to do so. Here we have compiled a list of must-listen supply chain podcasts for people who are interested in knowing everything about the industry.


These podcasts cover the latest technological updates and advancements with different industry experts sharing their expertise and knowledge. These podcasts cover a variety of informative topics.  


Continue reading to learn the podcasts that can be your ultimate source of supply chain wisdom. Get ready to enhance your skills, gain new perspectives, and stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry.


Why You Need to Stay Updated in the Supply Chain


In this fast-paced industry, staying updated is your secret weapon. It’s what keeps you competitive, relevant, and ready to face the dynamic nature of supply chain management. Let’s explore why being in the know matters.


Competitive Edge in a Fast-Changing World


The supply chain world moves at lightning speed. Imagine it as a race, and staying updated is your turbo boost. It gives you an edge over competitors, helping you adapt to new technologies and strategies faster than others.


Informed Decisions for Success


In the supply chain, decisions matter. Being updated means you have the latest insights at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions. 


Driving Innovation Within Your Organization


Innovation is the heartbeat of progress. Staying updated fuels your ability to bring fresh ideas and solutions to the table. You become a driving force for positive change within your organization.




7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Supply Chain Podcasts


In the vast world of supply chain management, podcasts emerge as hidden gems, offering a wealth of benefits to those who embrace them. Let’s unravel the advantages, of making these podcasts your go-to source for industry insights.


1. Accessibility: Learning On the Go


These podcasts break down the barriers of time and place. You don’t need a desk or a designated learning space. With a podcast, learning becomes a mobile companion – right in your pocket.


2. Stay Informed Anytime, Anywhere


Whether you’re in transit, at the gym, or simply unwinding, podcasts adapt to your schedule. There are no rigid time slots or fixed locations – just press play, and you’re on a journey of discovery.


3. Easy Understanding: Jargon-Free Learning


Forget complex jargon. Podcasts often explain intricate supply chain concepts in simple, everyday language. It’s like having a friendly chat about the supply chain, making it accessible to everyone.


4. Diverse Perspectives: Learning from the Pros


Podcasts bring industry experts to your ears. You get insights, advice, and stories from the very people who’ve navigated the challenges of supply chain management. It’s like having a mentor whispering guidance to you.


5. Stay Updated: Trends, Challenges, and Innovations


The supply chain is a dynamic field, and podcasts ensure you’re not left behind. Stay updated on the latest trends, challenges, and innovative solutions without sifting through mountains of information.


6. Learn at Your Pace: Stress-Free Education


Podcasts allow you to learn at your own pace. No deadlines, no exams. It’s stress-free education – absorbing valuable information without the pressure of traditional learning methods.


7. Source of Inspiration: Igniting Creativity


Immerse yourself in the stories and experiences shared on podcasts. They can ignite your creativity, helping you think outside the box and bring innovative solutions to your supply chain challenges.


In the realm of supply chain management, podcasts act as beacons of knowledge, guiding you through the complexities with simplicity. Embrace the benefits they offer – from convenient learning to staying updated and inspired. So, plug in those earphones and embark on a journey where learning is not just accessible; it’s enjoyable.


Top 10 Supply Chain Podcasts:


We have curated a list of the top 10 supply chain podcasts that can solve all your supply chain problems. The topics covered vary from last-mile delivery in logistics, and relationship management in procurement to sustainability and digitalization. Go ahead and check them out!


Podcast 1: The Supply Chain Show


supply chain podcasts The Supply Chain Show is a podcast by SCMDOJO. If you want to understand how businesses use or want to use the supply chain to drive competitive advantage this is the perfect show to follow. Or how learning supply chain best practices from experts can help your business thrive?


The Supply Chain Show ™ is your all-access pass to uncovering every piece of the supply chain, logistics, and procurement management puzzle. The show is hosted by leading Supply Chain blogger and expert Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, who introduces you to his fellow peers and leading experts in the industry and shares their wealth of knowledge!


Watch the videos on YouTube to make your supply chain thrive! They cover supply chain, logistics, and procurement key concepts and also supply chain career-related advice!



Podcast 2: MIT Supply Chain Frontiers


Introducing the MIT Supply Chain Frontier Podcast – a compelling addition to our curated list of the Top 10 Podcasts reshaping industries and perspectives. Delve into the intricate web of global supply chains with this thought-provoking series hosted by experts and researchers from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Offering a deep dive into the forefront of supply chain management, this podcast meticulously dissects trends, technologies, and strategies that are steering the future of logistics. Tune in to captivating discussions with industry leaders, executives, and academics driving transformative change in the movement of goods and services worldwide. 


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a curious enthusiast, or an industry disruptor, the MIT Supply Chain Frontier Podcast is a must-listen, earning its spot among the top-tier podcasts revolutionizing the landscape of global supply chains. 


Podcast 3: Let’s Talk Supply Chain


supply chain podcastsPresenting “Let’s Talk Supply Chain,” a standout addition to our coveted list of the Top 10 Podcasts revolutionizing industries and perspectives. Join the conversation with this dynamic series, where supply chain intricacies are explored and demystified by seasoned hosts and industry experts. With engaging discussions and insightful interviews, “Let’s Talk Supply Chain” takes center stage in dissecting the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the future of logistics. 


Immerse yourself in the world of global supply chains as this podcast features thought-provoking dialogues with influential professionals, executives, and innovators actively driving transformative change in the field. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional, a curious enthusiast, or a disruptor in the making, “Let’s Talk Supply Chain” earns its spot as a must-listen, providing valuable insights that elevate it among the top-tier podcasts shaping the landscape of modern supply chains. 


Podcast 4: The Ultimate Supply Chain Podcast by DHL


supply chain podcastsWelcome to the Ultimate Supply Chain Podcasts, a space where experts assemble to discuss and answer the burning questions faced by Supply Chain professionals daily. With topics including ESG, digitalization, AI, to the very latest news and industry trends. 


They’re bringing these conversations to life through a series of podcasts. So, make sure you save this page to your favorites, and don’t miss a single episode with the best-in-class Supply Chain experts.


Whether you’re already a pro, just curious, or want to shake things up in the industry, this podcast is a must-listen. It’s packed with cool ideas that make it one of the best podcasts changing the game in the world of supply chains. So, join the fun, and let’s explore the awesome world of global logistics together!


Podcast 5: All About Supply Chain


supply chain podcastsAll About Supply Chain is a show hosted by Maninder Singh. It talks about logistics, innovation in the supply chain, cost pressures, commodity buying, digitalization, etc. 


In today’s interconnected world, Supply Chain Management is the cornerstone of efficient operations across industries. This dynamic discipline facilitates the seamless flow of goods, services, and information, transcending boundaries to meet consumer needs.



Podcast 6: Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics


supply chain podcastsLeaders in Supply Chain and Logistics is one of the top supply chain podcasts hosted by Alcott Global. 

The Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast stands as one of their projects with a dedicated focus on engaging some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders. Their mission is to delve into the minds of these leaders, extracting valuable insights and sharing them with a broad audience of interested listeners.


The podcast aims to connect its audience with global experts, thought leaders, and executives, providing discussions on cutting-edge technologies, leadership anecdotes, and personal success habits within the realm of Supply Chain and Logistics. The team behind the podcast is committed to bringing informative and thought-provoking content to those keen on exploring the latest trends and strategies in the industry.


Podcast 7: What the Duck?!


supply chain podcasts What The Duck?! is just another supply chain show, or is it? It is a podcast by SourceDay hosted by Sarah Scudder. Sarah is the Marketing Maven of SourceDay, and you can go together on a wild ride as Sarah talks to industry pioneers and supply chain leaders to discuss the ins and outs of the direct spend supply chain. 


They cover various topics while talking to different industry experts. The latest episode discussed biotech, the intricacies of working in a highly regulated industry, and focusing on distribution and logistics. Tune in to hear the amazing career advice, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and adapting to industry needs.



Podcast 8: Supply Chain Now


supply chain podcastsWhat sets Supply Chain Now apart is its DNA of servant leadership, evident in its active involvement in the local Atlanta and global supply chain communities. Focused on giving forward rather than back, the team upholds core values such as uncompromising integrity, action-oriented leadership, relentless pursuit of excellence, and empowering, respecting, and uplifting individuals from all walks of life. 


Discover media that connects you directly to the supply chain leaders most frequently sourced for insights as we spotlight the people, technology, best practices, critical issues, and opportunities impacting global supply chain performance. You can find them out there doing good as they actively contribute to positive change. They are giving forward and embodying the transformative power of supply chain principles. 


Podcast 9: Supply Chain Careers


Supply Chain Careers podcasts are hosted by SCM Talent Group. Their podcast features leading supply chain professionals and executives from the nation’s biggest brands. These professionals dive deep into the different stages of their careers and what led to their success.


From “Climbing the Supply Chain Leadership Ladder” with President of McLane Grocery, Chris Smith to “The Evolution of Supply Chain Education” with Yossi Sheffi, Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, it covers all the important topics of the field. 


Podcast 10: The Gartner Supply Chain Podcast


supply chain podcastsIn the Gartner Supply Chain Podcast, leading experts Thomas O’Connor and Caroline Chumakov regularly sit down with Gartner’s best thinkers, researchers, and innovators to share with you the strategic insights and tactical tips leaders need to drive organizational success.


The podcasts include topics such as A New Way to Think About Supply Chain Organization Design, Sustainability Trade-Offs With Ewan Andrew, Diageo, Digital Decision Making for CSCOs, Key APAC Supply Chain Opportunities & Challenges, etc. 


Conclusion and final thoughts


For supply chain professionals to stay informed, the world of podcasts offers an invaluable resource. The curated list presented here caters to various preferences, providing industry insights on the go. These podcasts, from The Supply Chain Show to The Gartner Supply Chain Podcast, deliver a wealth of knowledge. They cover topics from technological advancements to leadership stories. Stay updated, enhance your skills, and navigate the ever-evolving industry with these accessible and informative podcasts. They are a true asset for professionals striving to stay ahead in the dynamic world of supply chain management.