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Tired of feeling lost in today's ever-evolving procurement landscape? The Procurement Management Track is your key to unlocking a lucrative career. The Procurement Management Track isn't just about training - it's an investment in dominance. Master the skills that elevate you from cost-cutter to strategic game-changer. Whether you're a newcomer eager to break into the field or a seasoned professional seeking to up your game, this comprehensive program equips you with the in-demand skills and expertise to excel. The Procurement Manager Track empowers individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's dynamic procurement and supply chain landscape.

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Manne Jone

- Connection buffering - Provide specific scenario - present exactly the tools during presentation


The course is absolutely fantastic, offering in-depth knowledge about obtaining services and understanding the associated costs. My suggestion is to include an Excel sheet as a guidance tool, which would greatly enhance the learning experience.

Md. Zillur

This course is very helpful to the people who started their career just. It has been designed with basic and intermediate approaches to Procurement. Please have a look at the course. You will be benefited.


It’s good good introduction for ChatGPT and gimini but How can we formulate prompts ChatGPT and Gimin for procurement step by step


I really liked the courses because she taught from basics of procurement and how it helps the business needs


the course was very concise, the lessons were good but could have been great if the instructor could have been delve deeper.


reached my expectation


It was very interesting course and specially five rights of procurement. It was a nice and easy to understand course module with learning quiz.


Acquired a lot of knowledge in contract management in procurement.


In a nut shell very brief & informative.


Was explained very clear with examples

Umar Farouk

Met Expectations


simple, interactive and educative.


SCMDOJO's Introduction to Category Management course offers a well-rounded learning experience for professionals aiming to master category management in procurement. With a structured curriculum covering key concepts like the Peter Kraljic Matrix and category strategies, this course equips learners with the necessary tools to drive procurement success. The testimonials speak volumes about the cour


Introduction to Category Management by SCMDOJO is an invaluable resource for procurement professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in category management. The course covers essential topics like category strategies development and cross-functional cooperation, providing practical insights and expert tips. Maryna Trepova's expertise shines through, making this course a must-have f


SCMDOJO Academy's Sourcing Process course, instructed by Maryna Trepova, MBA, is a must for anyone looking to master procurement fundamentals. With practical content and exercises, it's a valuable resource for all levels of expertise.


The Sourcing Process course by SCMDOJO Academy, led by Maryna Trepova, MBA, offers a comprehensive introduction to procurement and sourcing essentials. Maryna's expertise shines through, providing practical insights for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.


I recently completed the How to Choose and Select the Right Digital Procurement Technology Solution course by James Meads, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. James' practical approach and emphasis on real-world scenarios make this course invaluable for anyone involved in procurement. From understanding the differences between ERP systems and best-of-breed SaaS solutions to evaluating proc


After completing the Digital Procurement Technology course by James Meads, I feel equipped with valuable insights and practical knowledge essential for sourcing and selecting the right procurement solutions. James' expertise as a Digital Procurement Advisor shines through in this course, where he delves into real-world use cases, evaluates various procurement technologies, and emphasizes the impor


I recently completed the 'Procurement Toolbox #1: Communication & Facilitation in Procurement' course offered by SCMDOJO Academy, and it exceeded my expectations. Richard Beaumont's wealth of experience shines through in this comprehensive course designed to enhance communication and facilitation skills specifically tailored for procurement professionals. The course delves deep into practical stra


The 'Procurement Toolbox #1: Communication & Facilitation in Procurement' course offered by SCMDOJO Academy is a game-changer for procurement professionals at all levels. Richard Beaumont's expertise, backed by nearly 40 years of experience, brings a wealth of practical insights and strategies to this course. From the Morphological Matrix to the SCR model, the course covers a wide range of communi




Great introduction to Negotiations, hard to Follow Trainer due to non proficiency level of English.


Course can be more advance, overall was good ! Instructor have good teaching style.


Through his course, I learned about TCO's key considerations, green economy impact, post-COVID supply chain realities, and cost calculation checklist. Additionally, I gained valuable knowledge on Total Cost to Serve's importance, key downstream cost drivers, and cost determination approach. Overall, the course has added immense value to my skillset and helped me unlock the secrets of effective SCM


The processes and procedures to follow including ethical conducts that a professional procurement personnel MUST possess..


The basics and concepts were covered wonderfully and I particularly loved the editing of the videos and how the graphics were designed.


The content is explained very simply, and well organized. Taking the audience through a smooth learning journey.


Thank you Maryna, thank you SCMDOJO. Great course to have the basic stages on how to deal with suppliers negotiation, sitting limits and goals. The course was incredibly useful and helpful in enhance negotiation skills.


Great overview with good examples and their impacts on the total value and margin

Meet your Experts

Gain the Recognition and Expertise You Need:

SCMDOJO Certification in Procurement and Supply: Earn this valuable credential, recognized by industry professionals, to validate your expertise and stand out in the job market.

Comprehensive Training: Master essential procurement skills through in-depth courses covering:

  • AI in Procurement Basics Course: Leverage the power of AI to optimize your procurement processes and gain a competitive edge.
  • Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Practices: Navigate the complexities of ethical sourcing and ensure your procurement aligns with responsible business practices.
  • Contract Management in Procurement: Master the art of contract negotiation and management to protect your organization's interests.
  • Understanding Supplier & Market Analysis: Develop the skills to analyze suppliers and markets effectively, making informed sourcing decisions.
  • Procurement Toolbox #1: Communication & Facilitation in Procurement: Master the art of effective communication and collaboration within your procurement team and with stakeholders.
  • How to Choose and Select the Right Digital Procurement Technology: Identify and implement the right technology solutions to streamline your procurement processes.
  • Introduction to Negotiations Process: Sharpen your negotiation skills to secure the best possible deals for your organization.
  • Total Cost of Ownership & Serve: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the total cost of ownership and its impact on procurement decisions.
  • The Fundamentals of Sourcing: Master the fundamentals of sourcing, from identifying needs to selecting the right suppliers.
  • Introduction to Category Management: Learn how to categorize your spending and implement effective category management strategies.
  • Mastering Procurement - Essential Skills and Competencies: Develop the essential skills and competencies required for success in procurement.

Go Beyond the Basics:

Best Practices and Tools: Access valuable resources like the Procurement KPIs Excel Template and the Indirect Procurement Best Practices Assessment to evaluate your current practices and identify areas for improvement.

In-Depth Knowledge from Ebooks: Dive deeper with our comprehensive ebooks, including

  • Artificial Intelligence in Procurement - Volume 1
  • Project Cost Estimating and Management (PCEM)
  • Activity-Based Costing in Procurement
  • Decoding Supplier Quotes: A Procurement Guide to Cost Analysis
  • PhD Thesis – Enhanced Supplier Development Framework

Take your procurement career to the next level with the SCMDOJO Procurement Manager Track. Enroll today and unlock your full potential!

The base salary for a Procurement Manager ranges from $109,800 to $140,200, with the average base salary of $123,700.

Procurement managers are most likely to find a job in these sectors and industries: Acute healthcare, Post-Acute healthcare, Local governmental departments, Management of companies and corporate enterprises, Aerospace parts manufacturing, Federal executive branches, and Merchant wholesalers.

If you're looking for top procurement companies, the list includes IBM, EY, GEP, and Schneider Electric, among others.