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Procurement Track

The Procurement Manager Track allows individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in procurement and supply chain management. The SCMDOJO Certification in Procurement and Supply is a valuable qualification for those entering junior and middle management roles in procurement. It is also beneficial for experienced supply chain & procurement managers who want to further their professional development and potentially work towards leadership positions. This course provides industry recognition and complements existing professional experience.

In this track you will get comprehensive training in various areas, including contract negotiation, total cost of ownership, how to select procurement technology and procurement strategy. Students will also gain expertise in building strong supplier relationships and understanding supply chain management's ethical and legal aspects.

  • The base salary for a Procurement Manager ranges from $109,800 to $140,200, with the average base salary of $123,700.
  • Procurement managers are most likely to find a job in these sectors and industries: Acute healthcare, Post-Acute healthcare, Local governmental departments, Management of companies and corporate enterprises, Aerospace parts manufacturing, Federal executive branches and Merchant wholesalers.

If you're looking for top procurement companies, the list includes IBM, EY, GEP and Schneider Electric, among others.