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Negotiations Process course

Introduction to Negotiations Process

No Ratings 62 minutes.

In this course, you will learn phases of the negotiation process and building a negotiation team. Preparation for negotiation and planning, defining goals and alternatives. Trade-off and bargaining.

$ 49

Inventory Management Course

Basics of Inventory Management Course

No Ratings 40 Minutes

Learn about the Impact of Inventory Management on the Supply Chain, Optimizing Inventory Levels, and Stock Counting procedures

$ 49

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership & Serve

5.0 (1) 60 Minutes

Learn about Total Cost of Ownership Definition, Key Considerations, The Green Economy Impact, Post Covid Supply Chain Realities and Cost Calculation Checklist

$ 49

Supply Chain Digitalization

Supply Chain Digitalization – An Introduction

4.5 (2) 50 minutes

This course is Supply Chain Digitalization 101. You will learn about the definition, success factors, barriers and its digitalization impact.

$ 59

Communication Strategies Course

Communication Strategies Course

No Ratings 1hr 23 Minutes

Learn about common communication problems, develop skills to ask questions, Learn about non-verbal messages, develop skills to listen actively and empathetically and enhance your ability to handle difficult situations.

$ 49

Basics of Supply Chain Management

Basics of Supply Chain Management

5.0 (2) 42 Minutes

Learn about Basic Supply Chains, Value Chains, Business Strategies & Concepts and Supply Chain Evolution

$ 49

Improve LinkedIn Profile

How to Improve LinkedIn Profile – For Supply Chain

No Ratings 1 Hr 13 Minutes

Proven LinkedIn Growth Strategies and tools for your success in your professional career. Opportunities are unlimited on LinkedIn

$ 49

The Sourcing Process

The Sourcing Process

5.0 (1) 01:05 Hrs

In this course you will learn 7 Steps of sourcing process, Make or Buy decision, Approaches to tendering process, Key process for obtaining quotations and tenders, Pre-qualification evaluation and Awarding criteria

$ 49

Warehousing & Distribution

Modern Warehousing & Distribution Centers

4.5 (4) 01:05 Hrs

Learn the history of industrial revolution, eCommerce in warehouse & distribution, material handing equipment, technology in supply chain and future of fulfillment.

$ 49

Metrics for Supply Chain

Must know Metrics for Supply Chain Professionals

5.0 (1) 01:50 Hrs

This course will help you gain knowledge about Supply Chain Performance Management in-depth knowledge content ,

$ 39

Category Management

Introduction to Category Management

No Ratings 2:07 Hrs

This course is intended to offer the right knowledge and skills essential to assisting with any procurement project or role.

$ 49


Introduction to Procurement

No Ratings 2 hrs 16 min

Introduction to Procurement is the ultimate course for Procurement and Purchase Management for Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students.

$ 39

S&OP course

How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Process Steps & Overcome Barriers

5.0 (2) 2.5 Hrs

This course essentially answers the question: How Do You Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands.

$ 69