Artificial Intelligence in Procurement - Volume 1

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This eBook, authored by Marc Kloepfel, dives into the transformative role of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in procurement processes. It highlights how AI
streamlines operations, enhances decision-making and improves supplier
selection and management.

Overview of the EBook:


  • Introduction to AI in Procurement
  • Benefits and Challenges of AI implementation in procurement
  • Procurement functions assisted by AI
  • Advanced AI tools used in Procurement
  • Role of ChatGPT in Procurement
  • Barriers to implementing AI in procurement
  • Effective Ways to Implement AI in Procurement


What Readers Will Gain:


  • Understanding of AI’s Role: Learn how AI transforms procurement by
    enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.
  • Insight into AI Tools: Discover various AI tools used in procurement,
    such as ChatGPT for contract management and supplier evaluation.
  • Knowledge on Implementing AI: Gain insights into effectively
    implementing AI in procurement processes for strategic advantages.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Understand common challenges in AI
    adoption within procurement and strategies to overcome them.


By reading this detailed eBook on Artificial Intelligence in Procurement, readers will not only grasp the current and potential applications of AI in procurement but also learn about the benefits, challenges, and key tools associated with AI
adoption in the procurement process. This knowledge can empower
procurement professionals to leverage AI technologies to drive value and
innovation in their organizations’ supply chains.


About Marc Kloepfel


Marc Kloepfel is an experienced professional from Germany with 25 years
in procurement and supply chain management. He co-founded Kloepfel
Group, a leading consultancy in Europe, and after merging with EPSA
group, became part of the largest SCM consultancy in Europe. Besides this,
Marc invests in ventures related to procurement, AI, ESG, and supply chain management, such as SCMDOJO. Throughout his career, Marc has been
passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with supply chain
enthusiasts across the globe. To align with this intention, Marc continues
to create informative online content and develop insightful eBooks such as “Artificial Intelligence in Procurement” that help transform a novice into an expert.


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Book Contents

  • Chapter 1
Introduction to AI in Procurement    
  • Chapter 2
Functions of Procurement Aided by AI and The Challenges That Are Being Solved    
  • Chapter 3
AI Types in Procurement    
  • Chapter 4
Benefits and Challenges of AI Integration in Procurement  
  • Chapter 5
Top AI Tools Used in Procurement    
  • Chapter 6
A Detailed Insight into ChatGPT Prompts for Procurement    
  • Chapter 7
How Can AI Help in Supplier Relationship Management    
  • Chapter 8
Pros and Cons of Sourcing Tools Using AI    
  • Chapter 9
Barriers to Implementation of AI in Supply Chain    
  • Chapter 10
Use Cases of ChatGPT in Supply Chain Management    
  • Conclusion
Summarizing Our Understanding of AI in Procurement