How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Process Steps & Overcome Barriers

This course essentially answers the question: How Do You Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands.


In this S&OP course International conference speaker and trainer Dr. Muddassir Ahmed describes how S&OP Process can be used as the platform to drive continuous improvement and manage demand with supply to achieve customer satisfaction and operational targets. This S&OP course is based on Dr. Muddassir’s experience over the past 15 years working as a Sales and Operations Planning leader on large, complex initiatives with global corporations and provides specific details for those that are hands-on, as well as the bigger picture items to consider for those in leadership roles. This sales and operations planning course offers case examples, tips & tricks, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process tools and format.

This course essentially answers the question: How Do You Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands?

What you’ll learn in this S&OP course:


Content covered in session 1 time: 32:44

  • What is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • S&OP – What It is Not?
  • Why S&OP
  • S&OP in 5 Levels of Supply Chain Planning
  • Need S&OP – Importance of Balancing Supply & Demand
  • S&OP Objectives & Outcomes
  • Benefits of S&OP

Content covered in session 2- time: 1:06:23

  • S&OP Process Overview
  • Five-Step Process (Agenda & Critical Characteristics):
  • Data Gathering & Statistical Analysis
  • Demand Planning Review
  • Supply Planning
  • Consensus / Integration Review
  • Regional & Global Executive reviews Review

Content covered in session 3- time: 35:13

  • S&OP as a major effort in orchestrating cross-functional team’s interactions
  • S&OP – Why & How Does It Go Wrong?
  • My S&OP Experience – How Do We Fix It
  • S&OP – Challenges & Barriers
  • S&OP – Success Factors
  • How to Determine S&OP Process Maturity?

What you’ll get in this Sales & Operations Planning course?


  • 2 hours and 23 minutes worth of video content

Summary of How to Run an S&OP Process


Through this S&OP course, you will….

  • Discover in detail how to use the five-step S&OP process
  • Use an S&OP Process self-assessment document and hands-on approach that emphasizes simulated problem solving and team collaboration
  • Develop S&OP meeting agendas, participant list, RACI Matrix and direction of how to conduct S&OP meetings
  • Reach a successful S&OP process output that can be used to drive marketing, sales, and operations until the next S&OP meeting

With this sales and operations planning course, you will acquire a basket of practical tools to make their S&OP process work more smoothly, enhance forecast accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs.

Additional aid materials to compliment this S&OP course.


The Ultimate Guide of Demand Planning

Sales and Operations Planning Self-Assessment Tool



  • A computer with an internet connection.
  • The willingness to learn.

Who this course is for:


  • Anyone wanting to learn about the Sales & Operations Planning Process.
  • Anyone looking to improve their current Sales & Operations Planning Process.
  • Anyone who already knows about the Sales & Operations Planning and looking for a refresher course and/or experience-led tips and tricks
  • Any business professional looking to find ways to meet their customer demand, while keeping their operational targets intact!

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S&OP course

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Posted 3 months ago
Change Management is Key

Very focused with lots of great examples

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Posted 6 months ago
Providing structure to an unstructured process

The course was great to lay out simple steps to take that were actionable and applicable to the S&OP process. The course showed what to do and talked about how to overcome barriers. It is a good course to give people courage in moving from a reactive Supply Chain up the maturity learning curve.

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Saif Khan
Posted 11 months ago

This course is equipped with every aspects of Sales and operations I love this course very much.

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Dhanesh Sadashivan
Posted 1 year ago
How do we map capacity in supply review

I like this entire course very much.

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