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08 Aug

Top 10 Supply Chain Influencers on LinkedIn to Follow Today

Among the many social media sites that have emerged in the past two decades, LinkedIn stands out for having become the dominant professional network. It now has more than 645 million users from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, with a stated mission of connecting “the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” (LinkedIn, 2019), so the question is does this platform has any Supply Chain Influencers?

Every professional always considers platforms like LinkedIn to connect and share ideas that may change several views of the global supply chain. And with over 2 million articles, posts, and videos created daily on LinkedIn, you can understand why this social media platform is highly rated for business professionals.

Meenakshi Chaudhary, in 2017, highlighted 94% of B2B marketers engage LinkedIn, as a key social media platform, for content distribution. These shows more and more users — including human resources, software development, marketing, logistics, and supply chain professionals — use LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest industry news and trends.

“Numbers don’t lie, and the stats show that LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for working professionals. It’s one of the largest social networks in general.” – Meenakshi Chaudhary

Companies expect all their applicants to have LinkedIn profiles, and Linkedin is often used to make the first screening in job searches. Infact when I get an interesting CV as a hiring manager, the first thing I do I search the Linkedin Profile. And I don’t find the chances for me calling for interview becomes low, you might say I am biased, I respect your opinion!

Similarly, interesting Linkedin profiles leads to some interesting interview questions. In just 15 years’ time, LinkedIn, one of the earliest social media sites (Boyd & Ellison, 2007), has become an enormously powerful tool for self-promotion (some people call it self branding!), recruiting, and networking. Facebook, in contrast, is more of a personal news feed than a professional job site, despite the efforts of business and industry to make everyone become friends. Facebook to have some active Supply Chain Groups, but the level of activities and engagement is low.

Research by Utz, S (2016) suggests

“Overall, users of LinkedIn and Twitter reported higher informational benefits than non-users, whereas the Facebook users reported lower informational benefits”

LinkedIn is also valuable for enabling users to follow companies, to learn about job openings, and to present a public profile that talent managers can explore. LinkedIn will often be a top find for any search of a job seeker’s name

It is convenient for people (employers and employees alike) to connect and create a savvy culture with the willingness to share insights and help growth. In reality, there are some people (individual or some group) on LinkedIn who are recognized and credible enough to offer expert advice on topics relating to supply chain influencers. A general term for these highly appreciated individuals is “LinkedIn influencer.” For Supply chain and logistics, they are specifically called “Supply Chain Influencers.”

Now, What Exactly do “Supply Chain Influencers” Do? And What’s In it For you … Right?

In LinkedIn, Supply Chain Influencers are mostly innovators, leaders, and thinkers leading the drive for conversations involving global businesses through shared expertise. In simpler terms, supply chain influencers aid other professionals to access more information about current trends affecting global markets.

If you play a part in this multifaced industry, you are possibly going to be seeking an expert’s opinion on important decisions. Whether you plan to test an innovative marketing tactic or require assistance in gaining improved exposure for yourself or products, these masterminds are your best bet in the business social circle.

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But How Do You Identify Which Supply Chain Influencer to Follow?

If you are new to LinkedIn or play a part in a marketing team that requires help to explore and execute ideas around current market trends, then you need to narrow down on key influencers to yield maximum benefits. The list I have selected below are based on two criteria for identifying Supply Chain Influencers:

  • Creating original knowledge content to improve the capability of the supply chain community.
  • Have been “consistently” over the years writing, speaking or training the supply chain community

What is common thing amongst below listed Supply Chain Influencers is they all have AWESOME LinkedIn Profile. And we @SCMDOJO want every supply chain professional to have as good LinkedIn Profile if not better to expand this list of supply chain influencers.

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How to Improve Linkedin Profile – For Supply Chain Pros

Improve Linkedin Profile

The Top 10 Supply Chain Influencers List for you To Include

So, who makes this list? Here’s the list that you might find helpful

Lora Cecere – Founder at Supply Chain Insights


Lora Cecere

Why should you follow Lora Cecere?


Lora Cecere is one of the two official Linkedin Influencers! This alone is good enough reason to follow!

Lora Cecere is currently the Founder of Supply Chain Insights and boosts 35+ years of diverse supply chain experience. Her industry experience has seen her take roles, including industry analyst, supply chain practitioner, and more in top brands like Altimeter Group, AMR Research, Gartner Group, Kraft/General Foods, Procter & Gamble, Manugistics and Descartes Systems Group.

She works with supply chain leaders to take teams to higher levels of excellence. Her research firm is paving new directions in building thought-leading supply chain research. In 2017, she was honored as the Outstanding Woman in Supply Chain by the University of Tennessee.

Lora loves to write and research. She is the author of the enterprise software blog “Supply Chain Shaman” and writes monthly columns for Consumer Goods Technology and CSCMP Quarterly. She actively blogs on LinkedIn as one of the leading Supply Chain Influencers and Supply Chain Leadership on Forbes.

Yossi Sheffi – Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics


Dr. Yossi Sheffi

Why should you follow Yossi Sheffi?

Dr. Yossi Sheffi is second of the two official Linkedin Influencers!

Dr. Yossi Sheffi is an expert in systems optimization, risk analysis, and supply chain management. He is the Elisha Gray II Prof. of Engineering Systems at MIT and also serves as the Director of the Center for Transportation and Logistics.

He is the author of several best selling, award-winning books, including The Resilient Enterprise, Urban Transportation Networks, Logistics Clusters, and The Power of Resilience. Dr. Sheffi has consulted with leading enterprises and founded or co-founded five successful companies: LogiCorp, PTCG; e-Chemicals;, and Syncra Systems. Dr. Sheffi actively blogs and shares content on LinkedIn as a Supply Chain Influencer.

Radu PalamariuConnector | TOP TALENT Scout in Supply Chain


Radu Palamariu

Why should you follow Radu Palamariu?


In my opinion, Radu is the one the most active Linkedin influencer and I have have seen his following going from 50k+ to 230k+ within a few months in 2020.

Radu Palamariu is currently the Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Chief Energy Officer at Alcott Global. He has been working in consulting and executive search roles for the last decade. With a strong passion for logistics and supply chain, his focus is to aid businesses to get better results and build strong teams in the process.

Radu Palamariu is a fervent believer that people are the key in any business and enjoy challenges that involve the use of a multitude of channels and tools to find the right personnel in taking a business to the next level. With experience and exposure spanning over several countries across the world, Radu Palamariu is a rounded international business manager. And luckily, over the years, he has worked and build great teams.

Radu and Alcott Global team has managed to organized and deliver one of the biggest Virtual Supply Chain Summit in July 2020. Incorporating leading supply chain speakers and influencers, in my opinion making it “Oscars of Supply Chain”.

I have interview Radu in my YouTube Supply Chain Show and his video on How to Define Talent in Supply Chain has achieved 8000 plus views in few weeks.

Daniel Stanton – Mr. Supply Chain®


Daniel Stanton

Why should you follow Daniel Stanton?

Daniel Stanton, PMP, CSCP, SCPro, MCSE, MCP, MBA, M Eng. is an award-winning business educator and a global executive with expertise in supply chain management and project leadership. Known as “Mr. Supply Chain,” Daniel has worked with APICS (now ASCM), MHI, Caterpillar, the U.S. Navy, and several other firms.

He has also co-founded tech startups and served as an advisor and senior executive for nonprofit education associations. Daniel believes that supply chains are crucial to understanding how businesses deliver value to customers, and projects are the way we make improvements to supply chains. Recognized as a LinkedIn Learning Insider, Daniel is a “Pro to Know” for Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine, and a Supply Chain Futurist for IBM Sterling Supply Chain.

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed –  Supply Chain Strategy, S&OP Expert and Founder SCMDOJO


Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

Talking about oneself is very strange, so I am not going to do that! What I am going to do it to reiterate the vision of SCMDOJO which is

Supply Chain Knowledge and Solutions for Everyone

I have created SCMDOJO with the intention to enable supply chain professionals & supply chain teams to solve the problems they face in their jobs & business. The enablement will come by proving relevant and best in class knowledge bank such as guidestraining, ebooks & talkscoursesvideos, and self-assessment tools to solve the problems faced by the supply chain professionals.

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SCMDOJO now has more than 55,000 visitors and 77,000-page views a month. With 27,700 active Newsletter subscribers, and a tribe of over 62,000 social media followers on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter who mostly supply chain professionals. All these numbers are growing every day and we are creating a bigger and stronger community.

I have the intention to make SCMDOJO a Supply Chain Market where supply chain professionals can find relevant supply chain knowledge resources, best practices, software recommendations, and find supply chain experts.

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… And 18 Mistakes to Avoid: Updated for 2019

Dr. Marcell VollmerPartner and Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


Dr. Marcell Vollmer


Why should you follow Dr. Marcell Vollmer?

Dr. Marcell Vollmer is a Partner and Director at BCG. He advises C-Level Executives & Executive Teams on the full range of digital transformation, innovation, new business models, restructuring, and reorganization with a focus on procurement, supply chain, and operations globally.
With experience spanning major roles like Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Vice President, Dr. Marcell Vollmer focuses on supporting customers and partners to defining and executing digital transformation strategies globally.

Dr. Marcell Vollmer is sensitive to the complexities surrounding the intersection of technology, compliance, and supplier networks that today’s procurement leaders face. He is an advocate of the power of process mining to create the “superfluid enterprise” and deliver extraordinary experiences. He evangelizes the market as an influencer to define and drive digital transformation strategies in all industries globally.

Dr. Richard Wilding OBE (Professor) Professor of Supply Chain Strategy


Dr. Richard Wilding

Why should you follow Dr. Richard Wilding OBE?


Dr. Richard Wilding OBE is a Professor of Supply Chain Strategy. He challenges and inspires Supply Chain & Business Leaders to innovate, enabling them to create economic, environmental, and societal value, thus benefiting their businesses and themselves. His approach to achieving his ideas is by working with senior business leaders as an advisor, mentor, and Non-Executive Director. He also connects networks and link expertise of organizations and individuals, through his leadership style that utilizes “evidence-based” knowledge that is communicated in an engaging and inspiring way through multiple channels to stimulate and create Action. He is an active supply chain influencer with regular blogs, interviews, and opinions on trending global topics.

Dr. Richard Wilding’s role is “to inspire, inform & innovate supply chain development and performance. Through the challenge, best practice & academic support for public and private sector organizations and individual driven professionals who are intent on improvement.”

Martijn LofversFounder & Chief Trendwatcher of Supply Chain Media


Martijn Lofvers

Why should you follow Martijn Lofvers?

Martijn Lofvers is the Founder & Chief Trendwatcher of Supply Chain Media. He has developed several concepts for the visualization of complex subjects as well as several innovative content formats about supply chain management, like Subway Maps, Mind Maps, Self-Assessments, and The Supply Chain Map of Europe.

With several years of experience under his belt, Martijn Lofvers is a trend watcher who uses practical concepts to simplify Supply Chain Strategies. Martijn Lofvers has excellent connections with European supply chain executives and with the academic world. He facilitates workshops about this matter and has done this for several well-known multinationals in Europe. As a Supply Chain Influencer, he establishes an actual exchange of supply chain experience and knowledge.

Tania Seary – Founder at Procurious


Tania Seary

Why should you follow Tania Seary?

Tania is one of the most global, influential members of the procurement & supply chain profession.

She hosts regular procurement webinars, videos and presents at high-profile events around the world. She has been named “Influencer of the Year” by Supply Chain Dive and recognised by IBM.

Throughout her career, Tania has been wholly committed to raising the profile of the procurement and supply chain professions and connecting its leaders. A true entrepreneur, Tania is the Founding Chairman of Procurious, The Faculty and The Source.

Sabine Mueller -CEO DHL Consulting, EVP

Sabine Mueller

Why should you follow Sabine Mueller?

Sabine Mueller, CEO of DHL Consulting. DHL Consulting is the independent strategic supply chain and management consultancy of Deutsche Post DHL Group, employing 120 consultants globally.

She has been dedicated to the logistics sector for close to two decades. Over the years, Sabine held various positions in strategy, corporate organization and consulting. As a supply chain leader, she has a keen interest in Digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, drones, blockchain, and the circular economy that will redefine the supply chain and logistics eco-system. Sabine continues to share her thoughts on these topics on Linkedin.

Beyond Sabine’s logistics career, she has considered the advancement of women in executive roles to be a fundamental requirement for business success. She believes encouraging diversity in perspectives and leadership styles at C-Level will undoubtedly result in better decisions. Sabine has been personally committed to helping female leaders succeed and promote more diversity in management teams.

In Conclusion,

There you go! The list of top Supply Chain Influencers on LinkedIn. And now that you are aware of the top personality list, it is time for that decision — who are you connecting with? Which Supply Chain Influencers will you follow and learn from?

Investing in the strategic prospects offered by LinkedIn, you can always learn and elevate your knowledge by learning from experienced and trusted hands. Now is time to optimize and unlock the profitability opportunities with quality LinkedIn feeds.

LinkedIn For Dummies


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