Dyci Sfregola

Chief Executive Officer - New Gen Architects

When it comes supply chain and product operations, Dyci Sfregola’s experience is that most organisations leave money on the table due to disorganised processes.

She founded New Gen Architects in 2020 to show companies how to transform business operations, starting with their supply chain. Leveraging her business acumen and technical expertise, Dyci’s vision is to empower clients to be customer-centric and scale intelligently.

Through business and digital architecture advisory services, she directs clients on establishing efficient processes, identifying and implementing digital technologies, and engaging people as a roadmap for success.

 Dyci’s Perspective:

1. Process and people before technology.
2. The importance of clean data? Critically important.
3. Breaking down silos is necessary.
4. Cross-functional collaboration and communication are powerful.
5. Strategic supplier partner relationship/partnerships are essential.

Courses by Dyci Sfregola

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Technology Implementations
Advance Supply Chain Digitalization Best Seller Free

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Technology Implementations

Enrolled Students: 93 5.0 (6) 61 minutes

Learn step-by-step process on how to create a business case for supply chain technology implementation, get it approved and then implement the technology.