Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template is essential for Logistics & Supply Chain Managers. They help them track their performance against key metrics and identify areas where they can improve.


Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template helps monitor your company’s logistics performance by providing data on critical logistics performance indicators (KPIs). It allows you to compare your current performance against previous periods, also against targets and identify trends in your business.


Supply Chain and Logistics Managers looking for a comprehensive yet manageable Logistics KPIs Dashboard to manage their operations have come to the right place. This ready-to-use Excel Dashboard will help monitor the Previous Year, Current and Future performance.


This customizable Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template will give you a detailed view of your business's Current Performance vs Target and Previous Year.

Six Focus Areas of Performance Management in Logistics KPI Dashboard

The Logistics KPIs Dashboard we have developed shows you KPIs under six main areas of performance management.

  • First is Time
  • Second is Quality
  • Third Cost
  • Fourth is Productivity
  • Fifth is Safety
  • Lastly but not least are culture-related KPIs.

Logistics KPI Dashboard Demo & Tutorial

Recommended Logistics KPIs

To measure the performance of your logistics operations, we have developed a list of 47 Logistics KPIs you can use to select your business's most relevant Logistics KPIs.


You can download the file when purchased as an individual product or as a SCMDOJO Member, which is of a higher value proposition.


Furthermore, we have created a Logistics KPIs Dashboard, showing 25 of the most frequently used Logistics KPIs in the Manufacturing & Distribution Industry. You can download the file when purchased as an individual product or as a SCMDOJO member (better value for the user).

Logistics KPIs

Logistics KPI Dashboard in Excel- Snapshot


logistics kpi dashboard excel
warehouse cost performance
Receiving Accuracy
Order Picking KPI
warehouse safety KPIs
logistics kpi dashboard excel template download

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Supply Chain KPI Dashboard exists for decades, but the question is “Why to measure performance?”.

As Brewer and Speh (2000), cited in Harrison and van Hoek (2011:97)

“If firms talk about the importance of supply chain concepts, but continue to evaluate employees using performance measures that are…unaffected by supply chain improvements, then they will fail in their supply chain endeavours”.

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Procurement KPI Dashboard - Customizable Excel Template with Example

Supply Chain KPI Dashboard – Customizable Template with Example

Logistics KPI Dashboard Excel Template



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