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It has been more than five years since I started following Dr. Muddassir and SCMDOJO. I consider myself blessed to have access to SCMDOJO, its content, SCM courses and its experts. The knowledge I have gained through SCMDOJO has significantly contributed to my career growth. SCMDOJO has played a crucial role in shaping me as a supply chain professional. Each time I receive a new article, update, or post, I find myself learning something new. The content is straightforward, easy to follow, and understandable for SCM professionals at any level and is a good source for training of all types including procurement training. Real-life examples from the industry and the sharing of best practices through benchmarking and research make it more effective and practical to implement. SCMDOJO is an ocean of SCM knowledge and experiences that are shared with the community through videos, blogs, ebooks, and various other resources. The videos, blogs, and best practice guides related to material management along with the material management courses have helped me stay up to date with industry trends and learn and implement the best practices in real life. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Muddassir and SCMDOJO for providing such an excellent platform filled with knowledge and experiences.

1. Domain experts unlimited and interactive educational sources 2. Seamless and customizable platform where you can assign, track progress, evaluate the department knowledge and skillset 3. Easy digestible dashboard and analytics reports to adapt data driven insights and focus points 4. Huge credible resources to get different report templates and e-book 5. Played big role in team retention and department scalability and competency levels

Marsel Khanane
United Arab Emirates

SCMDOJO offers an amazing range. It has a full suite of practical, proven, real world tools and techniques which will equip the supply chain community for growth and enhance individual careers. They teach you inventory management strategies, inventory analysis and inventory optimization as well as provide you with top-notch logistics dashboards alongside other customizable templates and tools. The complete package.

Susan Randall
United Kingdom

As an employee of a company that collaborates with SCMDOJO, I can say how clear the impact made and the improvement achieved in the supply chain process and digital transformation are since this collaboration started. For me as an individual, so far I have attended 8 scm courses with SCMDOJO academy that made a great difference in my understanding of supply chain management especially Sales and Operation (S&OP) by Dr. Muddassir Ahmed. In addition to this I found his Guide to Demand Forecasting) very useful while making my forecast for 2023. I highly appreciate SCMDOJO and recommend their services and supply chain and logistics courses.

Shady Nagy
Saudi Arabia

I discovered SCMDOJO when I was finishing my master's in supply chain management. At that time, SCMDOJO was a key resource to extend my learning outside the lectures. The content provided by SCMDOJO helped me in getting very good grades. I would also argue that this knowledge provided by SCMDOJO enabled me to get a pretty good job in supply chain digitalization in a multinational company. Today, at the start of my professional career, I still use SCMDOJO as a platform where I can find high quality and up to date content. I think this is very important because in a field like supply chain utilization, it is essentially to keep up to date with the latest developments, and SCMDOJO allows me to achieve this goal.

One of my favorite things to do when I get on the web is to look for the SCMDOJO website or posts that have been done by Dr. Muddassir. He is so informative on supply chain. He takes it to a whole new level. He actually shows you and teaches you things, and it's free information that's out there. It's not something you're paying for. I just can't say enough about how much I use his sites. Share his information and learn from SCMDOJO. If you haven't checked out his information that's out there, you need to do so. Man, he's just been a real godsend for me to be able to have in my daily walk as I try to grow in my supply chain field. Whether it's parts of that that are procurement, sourcing warehousing, inventory control, demand planning, you name it, he got the info for you.