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A Brief Introduction

I help people to grow their business by building analytical supply chains, optimizing logistics, and reorganizing operations. In my professional life:

– worked mainly in e-commerce (Amazon) and retail (Jeronimo Martins)
– managed end-2-end supply chain in 200M+ EUR company in EU
– created central supply chain function for new retail chain
– managed teams up to 9 direct and 800 indirect reports
– implemented S&OP and IBP

I run a blog about Supply Chain & Logistics –

Client Projects & Portfolio

Building E-Commerce in Europe
eCommerce Supply Chain Distribution
<p>I have created a e-commerce distribution network in Europe for business from MEA. Within 6 months I have:</p> <p>- selected 2 logistics services providers (3PLs)</p> <p>- integrated operational systems (ERP, OMS, WMS, CRM)</p> <p>- enabled delivery to consumers in PL, DE, FR, IT, ES, CZ RO</p> <p>I have also recruited and trained a team able to run later this operation independently.</p>
Restructuring Logistics Operations
ERP Implementation Digital Transformation in Supply Chain
<p>I have restrcutured logistics operation for SME business specializing in construction materials. Within a year I have:</p> <p>- created KPIs system to manage warehousing, transport, and customer service uniformly in 4 company locations</p> <p>- created technology development roadmap supporting company effectiness plans (including establishment of change management for ERP & WMS)</p> <p>- established S&OP process and selected inventory planning system that reduced intercompany transportation by 40%</p>
Expanding Warehouse Network
Warehouse Management Supply Chain Network Design
<p>As an interim manager, member of EU Expansion Group, I have extended fulfillment network for 37bln e-commerce player in Europe.</p> <p>For 2 years I have lead a team that was responsible for selecting locations and creating warehouse operations in order to achieve required capacity.</p> <p>Within this time I have located two FCs and one Cross-Dock warehouse. Personally I supervised opening processes.</p>
Inventory Mangement Improvement
Inventory Management Integrated Business Planning / S&OP
<p>I have implemented Integrated Business Planning process at a retail chain (25k+ SKUs, 2 warehouses, 250 stores) achieving within 2 years 41% stock cover reduction.</p> <p>I have also selected and implemented a system supporting promotion & demand planning, supply planning, and operational replenishment.</p>
Opening E-Commerce Channel
eCommerce Supply Chain Supply Chain Simulation & Modelling
<p>I have helped a retail chain to open e-commerce channel. I have created omnichannel supply chain model in order to make conscious decisions about trade-offs between:</p> <p>- inventory level and operational costs</p> <p>- operational costs and customer delivery speed</p> <p>- implementation time and capital investment needed</p> <p>I helped company executive team to understand why & how to start the operation partnering with a 3PL service.</p> <p>I have also selected and negotiated the 3PL contract.</p>
Pharmacy Replenishment Centralization
Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Inventory Management
<p>I have helped a SME Pharmacy Chain (55 Pharmacies with over 20k SKUs in assortment) to centralize inventory management as well as procurement.</p> <p>I have designed Sales & Operations Planning process and selected a system used for forecasting and inventory planning.</p> <p>As a result company created a 3 person central planning team and decreased each pharmacy workload by 1FTE. Within 2 years this retail chain was able to decrease its stock cover by 12%.</p>

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