Logistics CO2 - baseline for transport

Logistics CO2 - baseline for transport

The Future is net Zero emission

Achive full visbility of the carbon impact on your shippments with CO2 calculation


To achive reduction in CO2 emission comapnies need to start now by calculating out their baseline. 

Once you have the baseline of your CO2 outputs for your transportation you can start working on solutions to reduce the emission.

It is important to have full visibility and control of your logistics CO2 emission.


Even if your transport company say that they can provide you with the CO2 for the transporation it is not enough. In todays environment companies have multiple transport and logistics provide and those logistics and transport companies have different way of calculating the CO2 emission and repporting it in different ways.

This makes it difficult to have a unified view of your CO2 emission from transport.

By taking control of your DATA from your transport and logistics companies you can have unified picture of your CO2 emission from your total transporation.


What can be calculated?

CO2 calculation can be done for

  • road freight
  • air freight
  • sea freight
  • rail freight


You can choose if you want to do it for inbound or outbound transportation.


This serivice includes 

  • Consultation with client 
  • Data receiving
  • Data cleaning
  • CO2 calculation for the timeperiod choosen
  • Calculations result on shipment level and aggregated level
  • Dashboard with KPI to have as a baseline

The serivce is valid for 1 transport mode (air, sea, road, rail)



You will get full visibilty of your transport CO2 emission.


The CO2 emissions calculation isconform with the GLEC framework - the only globally recognize methodology for reportin on the carbon footprint generated by logistics



Now it is up to you to start getting your CO2 logistics calculation done.

With the results of the calculation you can go to your logistcs and transportation companies and show that you have full visibilty of your CO2 logistics emission and that you want to reduce those emission.




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