Value Stream Map Simulation

Value Stream Map Simulation

A simulation of your process will generate insight into any process flow imbalance and identify bottlenecks. By doing so you can establish a predictable process, with higher output, increased productivity, reduced inventory and better service levels.
By combining several factors that would quickly be far to complex to manage in any other tool, you will get the in-depth insights you need to optimize your process.


This service creates a live simulation from a pre-created value stream map, which is a simply a high-level version of your process' most important steps. A VSM is linear and does not branch out. Please refer to the gallery's static Value stream Map picture to see what input is needed.

An example video of the result can be found here:



No, that's not a problem. The VSM is a good starting point and example of the input the simulation needs. But if you don't have all information available I will work with what you have. Of course, the better quality the input, the higher quality the output. I do require the data analysis to be done upfront though. If that still needs to be done, please refer to the question below.

Yes that's possible. Contact me to discuss your requirements and pricing options.

Simulation options are far more extensive than what's offered here so that's possible, however not against fixed pricing. Please contact me to discuss requirements and pricing options.

I use FlexSim on a full enterprise license meaning I have all options the software offers available.

Please see the media gallery's slide on the "standard" deliverable. This includes the amount of variation the simulation will handle as well as the output in terms of dashboards, video and simulation file.

Francine Nielander


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Fixed Price: $500.00

Duration: 3 Days