Logistic Advisor: Think out-of-the-box

Logistic Advisor: Think out-of-the-box

The supply chain is all that’s needed to make something worthwhile out of material of less value. This involves the acquisition of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and – if applicable – the recycling of used products and making them suitable for reuse as raw materials. But more over, it is about the transformation of funds as well as information as well. When one of these elements is undergoing a change, it will affect the entire chain.

Adjustments in organization, processes, information systems and logistics network are often necessary to continue to deliver the right performance. Especially in supply chains where legislation and (government) regulation is involved, this is a complex changes process, for which external advice beforehand and knowledge of implementation processes is indispensable.


Change is linked to modern organizationsm as the organization has to adapt to the changing environment. No change is stagnation and stagnation means decline.

At the start of any change process of change, independent support is important. What are the consequences of the change for my organization, processes, information systems and (logistics) network? Secondly: When do we plan to implement that change in the most desirable manner. The third step is the actual implementation: How do we deal with the challenges that we will face there.

Mutatis Mutandis (Latin for "with the necessary changes) can assist you in identification of the potential impact of these changes and support you with project definition, practical information and implementation.

Mutatis mutandis is specialist on the cutting edge of logistics and IT. When something is changing in your complex process, we will help to understand the potential impact on other processes. Because we think in processes and challenges, there is a second nature emerged to want to optimize processes. We like to seize the change in order to achieve improvements.


Paul Denneman


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