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A Brief Introduction

I’m Vera Rozanova, a seasoned procurement & supply chain professional with 25+ years of experience in Planning, Supply Chain, Procurement, SOP+ and Quality across diverse industries. Hold a degree of MBA and MCIPS. Have PRINCE2, SGS Food Safety and Cambridge SDG&Law certificates.

I’ve worked in major Multi National Companies like Royal Canin (MARS), British American Tobacco, Procter & Gamble, RosAgro as a procurement director. 

Key competences: direct & inderect materials, function strategy & transformation, digitalization, ESG, risk management, SRM

I’m an invited lecturer and Award-Winning Speaker, nominated for ‘Best Procurement CPOs – Russia’ list.

I’ve delivered programs on “Supply Chain Resilience,” “Risk Management,” “Procurement Digitalization” , “Procurement Transformation”, “Category Strategies”, “SRM,” and other topics.

I bring extensive expertise to the role of a consultant / coach / mentor in procurement & supply chain, women leadership, negotiations and soft skills.

Client Projects & Portfolio

Indirect Procurement Outsourcing - British American Tobacco
Stakeholder Management Procurement
<ul> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Oversaw seamless transition of indirect procurement processes to third-party provider</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Focus on compliance, operational efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Achieved significant cost savings and streamlined procurement activities</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Collaborated closely with department heads and suppliers</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">High process compliance, efficiency, and stakeholder engagement</li> </ul>
Supply Chain Strategy Development - AppScience
Supply Chain Strategy Development Supply Chain Management Consulting
<p>AppScience, an innovation technology start up company specializing in Pharma production and export.</p> <p>Analyzed processes, identified improvements and developed optimized supply chain strategy aimed at:</p> <ul> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Streamlined procurement, optimized inventory</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Enhanced supplier relationships, advanced logistics</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved availability, customer satisfaction</li> </ul> <p><br /><br /><br /></p>
Procurement Strategy Development -
Procurement Management Consulting Procurement Strategy
<p> is a well known producer of apparel for kids.</p> <p>Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of supply chain organization and developed the strategy aimed at:</p> <ul> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Enhancing people, systems, and processes</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Restructuring departments, implement training and mentoring programs</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Optimizing supplier relationships, streamline procurement processes</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Implementing long-term contracts, enhance inventory management</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Automating planning & supply chain operations, integrate online analytics, incorporate AI elements</li> </ul>
Building of Procurement Function – British American Tobacco Caucasus & Kazakhstan
Procurement Strategy Procurement
<p>Working as a head of procurement in British American Tobacco, led the project of building procurement in BAT Caucasus & Kazakhstan</p> <ul> <li>Implemented policies, processes, and stakeholder management strategies</li> <li>Led recruitment, training programs for new teams</li> <li>Established KPIs to measure performance</li> <li>Resulted in robust practices, streamlined processes, enhanced compliance, and effective performance measurement</li> </ul>
Development of procurement risk assessment standards and an anti-corruption policy - British American Tobacco
Procurement Capability Support Supply Chain Risk Assessment
<p>Working as Head of Procurement British American Tobacco Caucasus & Central Asia, led project on procurement risk assessment and anti-corruption policy</p> <ul> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Developed materials on identifying potential fraudulent activities</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Established comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Implemented zero-tolerance anti-corruption policy</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Promoted integrity, transparency, and supplier trust through training and monitoring</li> </ul>
Supplier Relationship Management - Royal Canin (MARS)
Supplier Response And Negotiation Strategy Supplier Performance Improvement
<p class="ReactMarkdownParser_TextContainer__RodgY" data-testid="youchat-text">As Royal Canin Procurement Director, I led SRM process, that resulted in:</p> <ul> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Enhanced food safety and quality control</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Implemented supplier audits, evaluations, and development plans</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Ensured compliance with standards and identified improvement areas</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Maintained high-quality standards through ongoing evaluations</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Achieved 99% Food Safety and Quality Control Index for Ingredients</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Met ESG targets, demonstrated commitment to supplier management excellence</li> </ul>
Construction Procurement Category Strategy - RUSAGRO
Procurement Strategy Category Strategy Development
<p>As a Procurement Director, developed category strategy for construction procurement</p> <ul> <li>Implemented selection criteria for preferred long-term & one-off suppliers</li> <li>Streamlined procurement processes for efficiency and cost reduction</li> <li>Ensured compliance with safety regulations through supplier audits</li> <li>Strengthened supplier relationships through project stage monitoring</li> <li>Implemented effective contract management practices</li> <li>Introduced procurement implant for demand understanding and project monitoring</li> </ul>
Spare Parts Procurement Category Strategy - RUSAGRO
Procurement Strategy Category Strategy Development
<p>As a Procurement Director, developed category strategy for Spare Parts procurement</p> <ul> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Developed strategic approach to spare parts procurement</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Increased number of approved OEM suppliers</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Established long-term agreements for quality and availability</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Formed strategic partnerships for additional services</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Implemented spare parts forecasting and MRO techniques</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Reduced costs through unification and efficient logistics</li> <li class="ReactMarkdownParser_ListItem__PLpU7">Linked strategy with new equipment procurement projects</li> </ul>
Sustainable Packaging Procurement Category Strategy – ROYAL CANIN (MARS)
Procurement Strategy Sustainability
<p>As a Procurement Director, developed category strategy for sustainable packaging procurement</p> <ul> <li>Developed sustainable packaging strategy jointly with suppliers</li> <li>Introduced eco-friendly plastic materials</li> <li>Improved storage capabilities and recyclability</li> <li>Implemented recycling initiatives</li> <li>Optimized packaging design and cost-efficiency</li> <li>Aligned solutions with consumer preferences and brand image</li> </ul>
Logistics Procurement Category Strategy - RUSAGRO
Logistics Management Consulting Logistics & Transportation
<p>As a Procurement Director, developed category strategy for procurement of logistics</p> <ul> <li>Developed strategic plan for logistics optimization</li> <li>Agreed on quality requirements with stakeholders</li> <li>Evaluated and selected logistics providers</li> <li>Implemented e-tendering procedures for on-going operations</li> <li>Enhanced supply chain visibility and management</li> <li>Organized SGS food & safety training and qualification</li> <li>Established Service Level Agreements with suppliers</li> </ul>
Pharma Procurement Category Strategy - RUSAGRO
Procurement Management Consulting Procurement Strategy
<p>As a Procurement Director, developed category strategy for procurement of pharma products</p> <ul> <li>Provided analogies of pharmaceuticals for test and approval with the laboratory</li> <li>Minimized reliance on single-source suppliers</li> <li>Strengthened relationships with original producers</li> <li>Led projects to minimize pharmaceutical usage</li> <li>Implemented supplier audits and evaluations</li> <li>Optimized inventory management practices</li> </ul>
Supply localization and ICV share increase – Royal Canine (MARS)
Factory & Supplier Auditing Procurement Strategy
<ul> <li>Developed Food Ingredients strategy</li> <li>Conducted ingredients risk analysis</li> <li>Created geographical and global sourcing risks reduction plan</li> <li>Emphasized supplier evaluation based on quality, sourcing, and cost efficiency</li> <li>Negotiated contracts for competitive pricing and favorable terms</li> <li>Implemented ongoing supplier performance evaluation and relationship management</li> <li>Developed supplier capabilities through partnerships and collaborations</li> </ul>
Pan-Europe Marketing Procurement Strategy – BAT
Procurement Strategy Category Market Insights
<p>Conducted market trends and spend analysis to identify strategic opportunities:</p> <ul> <li>Aligned point of sales and marketing materials and business objectives within the region. Achieved 10% saving due to economy of scale.</li> <li>Implemented a way of working agreement with agencies, optimized resources, maximized quality, improved ROI</li> <li>Outsourced printing materials procurement for cost savings and efficiency</li> </ul>
Annual Procurement Plan Development - ROSAGRO
Demand Planning Integrated Business Planning / S&OP
<p>As a procurement director, I led a project to implement Annual Procurement Plan and align procurement with corporate objectives Aligned procurement with corporate objectives</p> <ul> <li>Collected & discussed demand with stakeholders</li> <li>Introduced long-term contracts for strategic suppliers</li> <li>Aligned transactional activities with corporate strategic plan</li> <li>Reduced spend tail and reallocated resources</li> <li>Implemented effective supplier management practices</li> </ul>
Stakeholder Management Strategy and SLA implementation – RUSAGRO
Procurement Strategy Stakeholder Management
<p>Being a procurement director, developed and implemented stakeholder management strategy</p> <ul> <li>Created processes description and processes re-engineering, improving procurement lead-times and reducing complexity</li> <li>Implemented SLAs for stakeholder engagement</li> <li>Achieved 92% on-time and full delivery</li> <li>Increased Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) by 30%</li> <li>Strengthened cross-functional collaboration</li> </ul> <p>Improved operational efficiency</p>
Procurement Processes Optimization - ROSAGRO
Leadership Coaching Procurement Strategy
<p>As the CPO/Procurement Director, I undertook a comprehensive project to optimize procurement processes and drive cost savings.</p> <ul> <li>Conducted category spend analysis</li> <li>Identified areas for cost reduction and implemented targeted strategies.</li> <li>Using e-auctions for suppliers selection, achieved cost saving $21M (10%)</li> <li>Implemented value chain re-engineering, streamlined workflows, reduced waste</li> <li>Enhanced competitiveness and overall efficiency</li> </ul>
Procurement Training mini-MBA Programme Development - City Business School
Supply Chain Trainings Procurement Trainings
<ul> <li>Developed three modules: “<strong>Supplier Development</strong>”, “<strong>Procurement Transformation</strong>”, and “<strong>Category Strategy Development</strong>”</li> <li>Equipped procurement professionals with essential tools, skills, and knowledge</li> <li>Enabled career advancement and adaptation to supply chain management dynamics</li> </ul>
Supply Chain & Leadership Training Programs Development - Open Forum Enterprise
Supply Chain Trainings Leadership Coaching
<ul> <li>Developed and led customized training programs on supply chain excellence and women leadership</li> <li>Collaborated with industry experts to ensure relevance and quality</li> <li>Addressed unique requirements and challenges of participants</li> <li>Equipped participants with practical skills and knowledge to excel in their roles</li> <li>Aimed to elevate supply chain practices through high-quality training based on industry best practices</li> </ul>
Leading Procurement Stream for SCM Professionals’ Community
Procurement Leadership Coaching
<ul> <li>Led Procurement workstream in SCM Professional Community since January 2017</li> <li>Organized different workshops on procurement, supply chain, and digitalization</li> <li>Developed business standards and best practices through knowledge sharing</li> <li>Created comprehensive code of conduct for SCM Community</li> <li>Actively participated in and led procurement conferences, webinars, and round table discussions</li> </ul>
Invited Lecturer at the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Consulting
<ul> <li>Developed and delivered Procurement Digitalization and Resilient & Sustainable Supply Chain programs for Masters Students</li> <li>Explored optimization of procurement processes through emerging technologies</li> <li>Focused on building robust and sustainable supply chains</li> <li>Provided practical skills and bridged theory-practice gap</li> <li>Interactive lectures and practical exercises</li> </ul>
Transforming and Automating Supply Chain Processes – East-West LLC
Supply Chain Strategy Development Digital Transformation in Supply Chain
<p>As a procurement director in East-West LLC – food producer and exporter of food for HORECA and 3PL logistics operator - spearheaded project to transform and automate planning and value chain processes at East-West LLC</p> <ul> <li>Analyzed existing systems and identified areas for improvement</li> <li>Prepared business requirements for new supply chain system</li> <li>Carefully selected provider to implement changes and streamline processes</li> <li>Resulted in increased efficiency and improved decision-making capabilities</li> </ul>
Product-Centric Supply Chain Management Approach at East-West LLC
Supply Chain Transformation
<p>As a procurement director in East-West LLC – food producer and exporter of food for HORECA and 3PL logistics operator - implemented product-centric SCM approach and S&OP</p> <ul> <li>Shifted focus to prioritize products for enhanced customer satisfaction</li> <li>Optimized inventory management and improved demand forecasting</li> <li>Enhanced supply chain visibility for better decision-making</li> <li>Resulted in improved customer satisfaction and cost savings</li> </ul>

Industry Verticals

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Beauty


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