Operational Excellence (OpEx) Maturity Assessment (3ABEL)

Operational Excellence is not only a set of core tools and techniques, but also a cultural transformation that allows organisations to optimise performance and achieve their strategic objectives. This simple assessment will provide you with an understanding of where you find yourself on your OpEx journey, and some suggestions on what may help you to the next stage. Enjoy!!


The purpose of the assessment is to establish a baseline for improvement opportunities within your business/operation. The assessment is applicable to all industries and sectors whether it be a shopfloor or office environment.


This quick and easy assessment looks into not only the use of tools & techniques used within a Lean / Continuous Improvement Framework, but also the overall system being applied and the culture that currently exists within the area you are assessing.

The assessment can be applied to a specific area or even a multi-site organisation.

When carrying out the assessment, be as honest as you can.

If you do not understand a question/statement then assume ‘1’.

A maximum score may suggest you are exemplar world-class material and hey, why would you be here right?

Each question can be given a rating of 1-5. As a rule, think of scoring with the following guidance.

  • 1 – No understanding / No evidence of application.
  • 2 – Have heard of it / tried to apply in area but with no success in financial/personal development.
  • 3 – Comfortable to summarise the point in question to others / Evidence of application in multiple areas but with little success in financial and personal development.
  • 4 – Strong understanding and able to teach and apply to others. Evidence of wide reaching sustainable application but little success in on-going financial and personal development.
  • 5 – Full understanding by all business members and a fully embedded culture providing on-going financial and personal growth for all

To get a balanced baseline for your business, suggest a cross-functional group (make sure you have a range of people from differing levels within the organisation, differing depts, different shifts or sites even) to carry out the assessment INDIVIDUALLY.

Then, once you have received your assessment result, take some time to review with your team members and discuss with a view to achieving a consensus and eventually creating the result tailored to your needs.

If you would like to discuss your results in more detail, then go to the 3ABEL contact page here

Enjoy the journey….



Here are Quick Steps to Access the Assessment

1. Login or Sign using your email

2. Click on "New Self Assessment"

3. Under New Self Assessment click on Operational Excellence Maturity Assessment

4. Continue selecting Rating in each Category

5. Complete the Self-Assessment and Click on “ See Analysis of this Evaluation”

6. Review the Analysis and Graph & Table to see your total score in each category

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