service level agreement
03 Aug

Why A Service Level Agreement For Your Goods Lift Is Important

A service level agreement (SLA) is a document that outlines the expectations of both the provider (in this case, the company that installed your goods lift) and the customer (you, the warehouse manager). It details what services will be provided, how often they will be provided, and what standards will be met. Having an SLA in place ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps avoid potential issues down the road.


So, why is an SLA for your goods lift so important? In this article, courtesy of Mezzanine Floor Lifts, we explain further.


What does a service level agreement do?

Having a goods lift in your facility is great for quickly and securely transporting goods, but you need to ensure it remains in tip-top shape. A service level agreement helps guarantee that your goods lift is kept running smoothly by ensuring regular maintenance and servicing. This will guarantee that your goods lift can do its job when needed and prevents breakdowns or malfunctions.


Having a SLA in place also gives you the added confidence that you are receiving the highest quality service available. Put simply, having a service level agreement for your goods lift is an essential for keeping your facility running safe and efficiently.


How does an SLA work?

The specifics of a SLA will vary from provider to provider, but typically they include details such as:


– The expected response time for any queries or requests


– How regularly the goods lift will be serviced


– What type of maintenance and repair services are offered


– Warranty information.


An SLA should  also include contact information for any queries or concerns that may arise, as well as a dispute resolution process.


With an SLA agreed with a trusted supplier, you can be sure that your goods lift is being properly monitored and maintained. This will help ensure it remains up to the standards that you expect, ensuring your facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

A service level agreement gives you peace of mind

Having a service level agreement in place for your goods lift gives you the peace of mind of knowing that someone is regularly and consistently checking on it to guarantee optimal functioning.


A service level agreement ensures that a service provider is held responsible for meeting certain service levels, doing proactive maintenance on any existing systems, as well as additional service depending on the package desired. This means you can have confidence that your lift is being properly looked after, identifying any signs of wear and tear or potential problems so they can be addressed before they cause further damage or costly downtime.


Financial protection from a SLA

A SLA is also a great way to provide yourself with extra financial protection when it comes to your goods lift.


It provides you with reassurance that, in the event of something going wrong, you won’t find yourself massively out of pocket and stuck in the lurch. The peace of mind that having this agreement in place brings can help businesses to save money long-term; giving them the confidence to move their operations forward with added security knowing their finances are protected if their goods lift doesn’t perform as expected.


A service level agreement for your goods lift is essential to running a safe and efficient business. It ensures that your lift is regularly serviced and maintained, gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is checking on it regularly, and provides financial coverage if anything does go wrong. Don’t run the risk of disruptions to your business – get a service level agreement in place today.