Introduction to Procurement Course
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Introduction to Procurement is the ultimate course for Procurement and Purchase Management for Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students

Procurement is an exciting function with diverse prospects available across countless organisations. This procurement course aims to introduce you to the procurement management and administration process. This online course for procurement is intended to offer the proper knowledge and skills essential to assisting with any procurement project or role.

Procurement is always an essential part of any business, whether big or small. As procurement involves third parties and various punitive efforts, it is critical to avoid lapses in processes to ensure logistic success.

What you will learn


  • Lesson 1. What is procurement and purchasing
  • Lesson 2. Trends and tendencies in procurement
  • Lesson 3. Role and influence of procurement function in the company
  • Lesson 4. Types of procurement. Tasks for procurement in the companies
  • Lesson 5. Five rights of procurement
  • Lesson 6. Procurement and Purchasing Cycle
  • Lesson 7. Competences are necessary in procurement and purchasing


Why learn with Maryna Trepova, MBA,


Chief Executive Officer - IPSM - International Procurement & Supply Management

Based in Ukraine, Maryna is a procurement expert who provides consulting training, especially in procurement management courses. Maryna has:

  • 5 years of experience in procurement training and consulting.
  • 10 years of experience in purchasing and procurement, the tobacco market in particular.
  • Deep knowledge of procurement, sourcing, vendor management and category management in different categories.
  • Provide different consulting projects in procurement and purchasing
  • Proven experience in the negotiation process.
  • Strong organization and communication skills, analytical abilities, strategically thinking;
  • Speaker at different conferences and round tables in Ukraine and other countries.
  • Public figure and volunteer in public procurement reforming

Who is this Procurement course for?


  • Anyone wanting to learn about the Procurement Management
  • Anyone is looking to improve their current Procurement Process.
  • Anyone who already knows Procurement Management and looking for a refresher course and / or expert tips and tricks
  • Any business professional is looking to find ways to meet their business strategy and goals while keeping their operational targets intact!



  • Access to the Internet
  • Computer / Laptop / Mobile Device

What is included in this online course for Procurement?


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Immediate unlimited access to course materials
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Quiz to help you put theory into practice
  • English Closed Captions
  • Suitable for mobile or desktop
  • SCMDOJO Certification when you pass the course quiz (accessible from Learning Center post sign in)

Bundle product:


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5 Ratings
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Sandeep Chakravartty
Posted 5 months ago


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Muhammad AbdulSami
Posted 9 months ago
Procurement Strategy

Course can be more advance, overall was good ! Instructor have good teaching style.

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Mulenga Mumba
Posted 9 months ago
Procurement in general

The processes and procedures to follow including ethical conducts that a professional procurement personnel MUST possess..

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Ariba Khan
Posted 11 months ago
Thoroughly put information.

The basics and concepts were covered wonderfully and I particularly loved the editing of the videos and how the graphics were designed.

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Posted 1 year ago


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