I will Perform Inventory Optimization Analysis

I will Perform Inventory Optimization Analysis

We offer Inventory Analysis and optimisation services for the sales data you will provide in Microsoft Excel.


You will get a full analysis at item number level and a summary document with the following output.


  1. Recommended Safety Stock and their impact in terms of value and quantity.
  2. New Made to Stock (MTS) and Made to Order (MTO) recommendations.
  3. Inventory Dashboard with Health Check Chart
  4. Show Excess & Obsolete items & pareto.
  5. Show The Top 100 table summary with recommendations to work on the highest to lowest Non-mover stock items to reduce inventory.
  6. Defined ABC-based item classification based on value, volume (qty) and frequency (number of sales)


Bonus: along with analysis, we will offer 18 tried and tested Inventory Reduction Strategies to implement and use the analysis to derive improvement cash flow and inventory turns.


Once order is placed, we will send you an input Excel file, where you need to provide: 1) Last 12-24 month sales/usage 2) Standard cost in local currency 3) Replenishment lead time in days (WDs) 4) Discontinued items 5) Current safety stock (units) 6) Stock in hand (units) 7) No of Customer 8) No of Order Lines

1) Inventory Optimization Tool in Excel 2) Inventory Optimization recommendations to implementation in the future to reduce inventory while increasing customer service.

Dr.Muddassir Ahmed

United Arab Emirates

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Duration: 15 Days