Logistics Consulting

I provide tailor-made and on-demand Senior Value consultative services for companies in need of support in their Logistics areas.

I work as your integrated extended team.

Personal. Our client relationships are long-term and companionable.

Flexible. I'm agile and adapt to your needs and requirements.

International. I can cover different geographies and languages.

Fair. Models are based on your goals and capabilities.

Some of the companies I have cooperated with and worked for are Transmetrics, Robotto Co., Arviem AG, Culinary Foods SpA, Falabella Retail S.A., Infineon Technologies A.G, Import Consultants OHG, Southern Food Trading Ltda., Atlas Exportaciones e Importaciones S.A., J. Lauritzen Chile S.A. and, Ultramar Agencia Marítima Ltda. among others.

The service includes an assessment of your current situation, consideration of workable solutions, KPI review, and improvement planning and rollout.

Feel free to reach out!

Matías Guarello Wilhelmy


Available Remotely

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Hourly Price: $250.00

Duration: 30 Days