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12 Websites to Liquidate Inventory & Make Money from Excess Inventory

Excess & Obsolete inventory is the most common problem in supply chain. However, Excess inventory does not have to become a liability. Rather than incur more inventory carrying cost on excess inventory, there are some practical opportunities to sell and make cash when you liquidate inventory. Thanks to consistent technological advancement, it is now possible to sell any inventory from any part of the world. There are a lot of websites on which you can liquidate the inventory and you can be assured that it will sell easily and faster within a second click of the button. Irrespective of your business structure and size, you can turn sales of excess inventory into a way of generating some income to put back into your business, which is otherwise money stuck in the shape of the product.

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12 Websites to Liquidate Inventory


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Let us consider 12 websites in which you can liquidate the inventory and turn it into cash without stress. Below, the websites’ links, process, year of expertise, among others are considered.



LiquidateNow is an online platform with vast specialization in liquidating excess and unneeded inventory. When you are bothered about inventory carrying costs and thinking of liquidating, this website is here for you.

Some of the products which you can put up for sale on the website includes earphones and music accessories, branded shoes, home sound equipment, fashion shoes, mobile accessories, and backpacks. For over 12 years, LiquidateNow has successfully completed liquidation sales and the recovery achieved has enabled it to maintain sustainable relationships with manufacturers, sellers and buyers alike.

To sell your inventory is quite easy. The process involves several options. First provide a proposal stating the kind, state, quantity, location of the item and the motive for liquidating.  For example, if you are targeting one buyer, you either ship the goods to LiquidateNow or keep them in your custody. It would then be marketed to a singular buy-all individual. Once sales and delivery is completed, you get paid as well. In case you are worried about payment. Well, there is no request for an upfront fee.

SELL Inventory.com

One of the goals of SELL Inventory is to help businesses optimize profit by selling off unwanted inventory to inventory buyers. Looking up for an easy operation? Well, here you are. SELL inventory has been leading the industry for over 30 years and all you have to do is to submit a detailed request of your name, name of company, phone number and email, the quantity of inventory (wholesale or retail) and the location. The categories of inventory include food, chocolate, paper products, housewares, electronics, furniture, and many others. Sell Inventory is located at 704, Ginesi Drive, Suite 27 Warehouse #3 Morganville, NJ07751.

No upfront payment, you can get a free inquiry.

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B Stock Supply


B Stock supply provides an auction platform for reputable sellers and business-oriented prospective buyers. The categories of stocks are appliances, automotive, books, cell phone accessories, commercial assets, general merchandise, sporting goods, among others. To operate on the platform, you have to register as a buyer while you must apply to sell. Having filled the form and submitted, a representative will contact you to complete the process.

AAA Closeout Liquidators


Described as Best of the Web by Forbes magazine; AAA Closeout is one of the best websites for closeouts and liquidation activities. Here, you sell closeouts with ease by filling a form that includes images of the stocks. Well, you don’t have to worry about commission as a buyer or seller because it is free. In the past 39 years, the categories bought and sold include building supplies, clothing and fabric, general merchandise, and so on. Locate the business today at Albany, NY 12207 to liquidate inventory.

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Product Liquidators.com


Product liquidators specialize in liquidating all kinds of wholesale merchandise for companies. Without any stress or risk involved in a business, you can liquidate inventory from anywhere. Through calls or filling of form on the site, you are good to go. Provide brief information about the inventory, upload image, state your location, wait for its reviewing and receive your full payment as soon as possible and prepare the items for pick-up. The categories include anything retail-ready.

Kole Imports


Kole imports purchases closeouts in the categories of pet supplies, automotive, toys and many more at a wholesale price to buyers. Having been in business for over thirty years, its platform remains the best channel to sell any excess domestic item. Kole imports is located at 24600 Main Street Carson, CA 90745.

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Merchandise U.S.A


Merchandise USA sells closeouts and liquidate inventory. It has been in operation for 35 years. To sell, all you have to do is to submit an inventory detailing your name, and company’s name, email, and location, description of the item and why you want to sell. Categories of items purchased by Merchandise USA include giftware, home décor, handbags, and sporting goods. It is located at 3021 W. 36th Street, Chicago, IL 60632




BoxFox serves the need of those who want to clear excess inventory in a one-time quick transaction. The business which has been in operation for 33years boasts of a vast network of sellers and buyers but the focus is on stocks in new condition. Cost is also effectively managed as buyers carry shipping costs but you have to pay 5% transaction fee. The warehouse facility of BoxFox is located in Chicago, IL.




When you are looking for a way to liquidate inventory via auction, Liquidation is the place to be. The categories are clothing and accessories, computers, industrial tools and machinery, housewares, among others. Sellers have the opportunity to register to be a part of the network. It is located at 6931 Arlington Road, Bethesda, MD 20814.
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360 Components


When in need of a platform that liquidates inventory on your behalf to its vast 2,500 customers, 360 Components help you liquidate inventory at a fair price that suits you. All you have to do is submit a form online stating your name, email, address, phone number, product and manufacturer’s ID and quantity. The categories dealt in are electronic components and it has been in the industry for 30 years. It is located at NO: 0508, Block T4 Diamond Island Building, Dist 2-Ho Chi Minh City –Vietnam.

J2 Sourcing


J2 sourcing is concerned with providing its vast customers with whatever stock they are looking for. Hence, it is also a platform for sellers who are looking for platforms to liquidate inventory. So, if you are looking for a team of professionals to liquidate your inventory, J2 Sourcing has the ability to bring your stock in close contact with a buyer. Of course, they are always in the demands of different components of electronics. This has been the engagement in the past 13 years. Its categories are all electronic components and excesses. Usually, there has to be a form of partnership that shows that until sold, the ownership title belongs to the seller even though they are physically stored at J2. It is located at J2 Sourcing AB, Kantyxegatan 29, SE-21376 Malmo, Sweden.

Computer components


With the inventory carrying costs that may eat up the capital gain of every business, no one likes the burden of excess inventory. Thus, it’s best to liquidate inventory. It is hard to deal with due to damages, taxation, and insurance. Well, that is why Computer components are here. With over 20  years of experience, they help you face every excess electronic component in the most professional way. To do this, send a list of your excesses with numbers, codes and necessary details. The submission will be examined to determine your offer and the price will be fixed once the inventory is examined. The process could be Outright purchase or Consignment partnership. It is located at 18 Durham Way, Heathpark, Honiton, Devon, EX 14 1SQ, England.


You can liquidate inventory fast and make cash on the right websites. This same cash can be reinvested into your business in order to enable growth. Meanwhile, flexibility and comfort are two factors that cannot be taken for granted when talking about liquidating inventory via online websites. Of course, there are other websites besides the above but they have been carefully selected because of the user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation, the process, professional skills and years of expertise. Rather than incur costs on warehousing, space issues and maintenance, get started and see how easy it has become to liquidate the inventory and turn it into cash online.

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If you know any other websites to sell excess and obsolete and would like to share?

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