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Top 13 Best Six Sigma Books and Courses For 2018

Several individuals believe six sigma books are difficult to comprehend. Yet, I believe six sigma books has transformed the operations management world in countless ways. In effect, six sigma as process and product improvement methodology has proved its worth in supply chain management, operations, quality and service management.

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Six Sigma books offer a data-driven method that is effective in eradicating faults in any commercial process. From application growth to trading, the correct use of Six Sigma books can aid any professional advance any process by detecting and eliminating the roots of errors.

In previous posts, I’ve identified the best supply chain management books, must read procurement books, best logistics management books and highly rated transportation and warehouse management books. Today, I’ve selected 9 books and 4 online courses about six sigma that I believe should be in every business library.

Some of these books explain how technology has changed the strategy and tactics of marketing, while others are timeless observations about human nature and group behavior.  Enjoy!

In gathering the Top 13 Best Six Sigma Books and Courses For 2018, I explored and discovered most commendations are done informally. In the most occasion, they do not take acknowledgment of the most vital principle of six sigma; Voice of the Customer (VOC). I explored deeper and found a combination of 2 main factors in selecting Six Sigma Books. In order to determine which six sigma books should be recommended, we made use of the following factors,

  • The endorsement/positive analysis from six sigma gurus and leaders.
  • The altimetric which measures the impact of books, presentations, scientific articles, etc.


Whether you are looking to get a Six Sigma Black, Green, or Yellow Belt certification, selecting the best Six Sigma books or courses mentioned in this blog would be of great influence in achieving your goal. Here is my pick of the Top 13 Best Six Sigma Books and Courses For 2018:

Six Sigma Books:

Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy! Revised and Expanded Second Edition

Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy! Revised and Expanded Second Edition 2nd Edition

Warren Brussee has aided businesses to save millions with his Six Sigma books, and here he elucidates on how to achieve similar outcomes. This Six Sigma book provides a detailed overview of several Six Sigma procedure and techniques for fruitful execution, as well as a clear description of DMAIC. Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy! provides:

  • Basic Six Sigma formulas, Greenbelt training, and tables
  • A matrix for finding the precise statistical tool to match your requests
  • An easy form of most popular Six Sigma tools
  • Loads of Six Sigma statistical problem-solving case studies

Best of all, no background in statistics is needed, you can start refining quality and initiating cost-saving measures immediately.

Six Sigma For Dummies

Six Sigma For Dummies

With this Six Sigma book, everything about Six Sigma is open. Six Sigma for Dummies provides the needed resources for anyone interested in learning and mastering Six Sigma. No matter your level in supply chain, this Six Sigma books can get you up to speed. Regardless, this new edition of Six Sigma for Dummies is the most straight and forward guide available today, and it provides:

  • New and updated material, including Yellow, Green and Black how the Six Sigma “belt” system works.
  • What Six Sigma is all about, how it works, how to select and utilize the right tools
  • The benefits of Six Sigma in organizations and powerful “DMAIC” problem–solving roadmap

The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition

The Six Sigma Handbook

This six sigma book elucidate more on how to express and deploy Six Sigma projects engrossed in key requirements. It also walks you through the phases of DMADV, DMAIC, and reveals how to use the statistical tools of Six Sigma with Minitab and Excel applications. The new edition coverage includes:

  • Building the responsive Six Sigma organization, Data-driven management, and Maximizing resources
  • Recognizing and capitalizing on opportunity
  • Project management using DMAIC and DMADV
  • Process behavior charts and Measurement systems evaluation

I have used the 2nd Edition of this books extensively while I was doing my Master thesis on Six Sigma Project. Really high-quality handbook for quality and supply chain management professionals.

Lean Six Sigma and Minitab (5th Edition): The Complete Toolbox Guide for Business Improvement

Lean Six Sigma and Minitab

The Lean Six Sigma and Minitab directly explain Lean Six Sigma in a realistic and practical manner, providing detailed Minitab instructions all through. This edition has sold over 150,000 copies and is firmly reputable as the practical guide for business professionals globally. The guide includes:

  • Logical route maps through the Six Sigma DMAIC flow.
  • Detailed Minitab instructions, screenshots, and Interactive examples with free data files and templates
  • Clear diagrams, explanations, Easy-to-navigate format with DMAIC tabs with over 140 Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques.
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The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to 100 Tools for Improving Quality and Speed

The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook
The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook is one of the most complete Six Sigma books with reference to concepts and tools required to implement, understand, and leverage Lean Six Sigma. With this Six Sigma books, you will learn how to propel your organization to new levels of competitive success, one tool at a time This Six Sigma book provides:

  • Analyses of nearly 100 tools and methodologies
  • Detailed explanations of each tool to aid understand how, when, and why to use it.
  • Sections for each tool explaining how to create, interpret, and find expert tips.

LEAN: THE BIBLE: 7 Manuscripts – Lean Startup, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Analytics, Lean Enterprise, Kanban, Scrum, Agile Project Management


These lean and Six Sigma books provide Step by Step Explanations to Become an Expert Of LEAN. This book is useful for any Agile beginners who desire a better understanding of what agile is all about. The LEAN: THE BIBLE: 7 Manuscripts provides:

  • methods and techniques
  • a useful collection of recipes for people
  • agile methods and techniques.

Six Sigma for Managers: 24 Lessons to Understand and Apply Six Sigma Principles in Any Organization (The McGraw-Hill Professional Education Series)

Six Sigma for Manager

Six Sigma for Managers presents the fundamental concepts of Six Sigma and provides 24 basis points needed to spearhead any Six Sigma program. Six Sigma can be a complex and intimidating subject, with its emphasis on statistics and charts. Novices to the Six Sigma approach will appreciate this six sigma book as it provides an overview and practical advice on how to implement Six Sigma practices. This results-based handbook shows you how to:

  • Reduce defects and cut costs
  • Discover patterns, set business metrics, and map the process
  • Plan an implementation, measure smart, monitor and maintain improvements
  • Check hypotheses, plan for control, and sustain the gain

[(The Six SIGMA Memory Jogger II: A Pocketguide of Tools for Six SIGMA Improvement Teams )] [Author: Michael Brassard] [Dec-2002]

[(The Six SIGMA Memory Jogger II

This Six Sigma books is an indispensable training and performance support resource for six sigma project team members. The Six Sigma Memory Jogger? II helps team members to quickly learn the key tools of Six Sigma and to effectively work with their Black Belt leaders. Beginning with an overview and introduction to Six Sigma concepts, primary terminology, and the basics of the DMAIC method, this valuable pocket guide presents forty-one Six Sigma tools including

  • the CTQ (Critical to Quality) Tree,
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis)
  • Kano Model,
  • Process Sigma, regression,
  • SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers),
  • VOC (Voice of the Customer) Data-Collection System, and y= f (x) formula.

Lean Six Sigma Demystified, Second Edition

Lean Six Sigma Demystified

This easy-to-understand six sigma books teaches the methods of Six Sigma, explains the applications, and tests expertise. With it, you will develop the skills you need to solve problems and meet the demands of any markets. Filled with practical hands-on advice and essential organizational tips, Six Sigma Demystified provides a complete blueprint for developing strategies, plotting growth, and performing at peak efficiency for maximum profits. This fast and easy guide offers:

  • Proven techniques for building a solid Six Sigma infrastructure
  • Tips for deploying projects using DMAIC methodology
  • Essential calculations and assumptions
  • Case studies, quizzes, and a final exam that reinforce what you’ve learned

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Six Sigma Courses Online

If you are a working professional, a fresher, you cannot just complete education and unswervingly land up into a dream job. Like you there are several professionals who are searching for the same exact thing. How could you be different? You need an edge! With this Six Sigma Courses Online you can be at the forefront that gives you an EDGE over others.

Six Sigma Black Belt

This Six Sigma Courses Online will prepare you for Analyzing, Applying, Evaluating, and creating fundamentals. This certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt can be a huge boost for your career. The knowledge, skills and prestige that come with this Six Sigma Courses Online can aid you move into the ranks of upper management and make you a much more attractive candidate to prospective employers.

Who is the target audience?

  • Project manager or wants to be a project manager.
  • The Six Sigma Courses Online are for Science and Technology Professionals
  • This Six Sigma Courses Online is for anyone who has Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

This Six Sigma Courses Online is all about Six Sigma Green Belt. The Key Learning Objectives of this course are to make you: apply, analyze, create, evaluate, and understand various Six Sigma DMAIC tools and techniques appropriately. The complete Six Sigma Courses Online is structured based on American Society of Quality’s (ASQ) Body of knowledge for Six Sigma Green Belt.

Who is the target audience?

  • Business managers, entrepreneurs, quality consultants, doctors, research scholars, engineering and management students.

Six Sigma White Belt: Learn Six Sigma & Grow Your Potential

This Six Sigma Courses Online has been designed to provide the benefits for Job-seeking aspirant, Process Managers, and Entrepreneurs looking to benefit by applying Six Sigma concepts to increase the process of efficiency and effectiveness.

Who is the target audience?

  • This Six Sigma White Belt Certification program is meant for newbies who are not familiar to Six Sigma and/or students/professionals looking for a quick refresher on Lean and Six Sigma
  • Leaders who want to deploy Lean and Six Sigma within their organization
  • Management folks who want an overview of Six Sigma

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

This Six Sigma Courses Online provides a complete Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification. This is a complete audio/video course for aspiring Six Sigma Yellow Belts and is immensely helpful for anyone interested in learning more about Six Sigma. In this Six Sigma Courses Online, you will get High-Quality Video Lectures along with Flashcards and Mock Tests.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who has keen interest in learning about Six Sigma


No matter the level you find yourself on the supply chain ladder, there is always a sigma six books and Six Sigma Courses Online available to help any professional advance further. As professionals, our ability to make progression and stay creative in every challenge makes us relevant in this competitive field. If you desire to achieve more, you should consider one of this sigma six books and Six Sigma Courses Online to advance your career forward. There is always a sigma six book for everyone.

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