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Supply Chain Expert Services
18 May

SCMDOJO’s Supply Chain and Operations Expert Marketplace

The following is a business case highlighting the background, context and value proposition of SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace, a platform designed to connect businesses with specialized Supply Chain Expert Services.


Table of Contents


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • The Rapid Growth of Marketplaces
  • SCaaS as a Concept
  • Combining Marketplaces and Supply Chain as a Service: SCMDOJO’s Unique Value Proposition
    • Features and Benefits for Clients
    • Features and Benefits for Experts
    • How It Works
  • Conclusion


Executive Summary


As a professional in the field of Supply Chain Management, we are responsible for effectively managing three crucial aspects: information flows, material flows, and money flows. Throughout my career, my primary focus has been on efficiently managing information flows to ensure smooth material operations within the organizations I have worked for. Consequently, I firmly believe that most Supply Chain positions and Supply Chain Expert Services can be effectively carried out remotely. 


However, before the COVID-19 pandemic, my requests to work from home were consistently denied by my superiors. They believed that physical presence in the office was essential for tasks such as planning, supplier communication, or key performance indicator reporting. Nevertheless, the advent of the pandemic compelled us to adapt, and as a result, many supply chain professionals, including myself, successfully executed their responsibilities from home with comparable efficiency to the office environment. This experience served as evidence to support my hypothesis that most Supply Chain functions and responsibilities can be performed remotely, barring those involving physical material handling or in-person activities within a warehouse setting. 


This paradigm shift in how modern Supply Chain work is executed has opened up new possibilities. It is now feasible to hire demand planners or sourcing managers who can be located anywhere, eliminating the need to be close to the organization’s office space. It is within this context that SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace was conceived.


Since December 2021, following my departure from Bridgestone, SCMDOJO has operated as a marketplace, connecting supply chain trainers, consultants, SaaS providers, and other relevant professionals with clients. We have meticulously tested and refined this process, continually iterating to create a minimum viable product (MVP) which we have successfully piloted with numerous clients. As a result, we have saved costs for our clients and generated revenue for our pool of Experts, fostering a thriving community within SCMDOJO that encompasses both financial gains and collaborative synergy.





In this case, we will explore a novel approach that diverges from conventional methods, connecting qualified Supply Chain experts with Clients seeking their invaluable expertise and years of experience to address supply chain problems, challenges, and bottlenecks. Drawing on changing dynamic trends in the industry since the pandemic, we will delve into the compelling rationale behind Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS), examine precedents set by other professional service marketplaces, and highlight the distinctive features of the SCMDOJO Expert Marketplace — a game-changer in the supply chain industry that is bound to redefine professional interactions and practices.




The primary objective of this project is to establish a collaborative marketplace that bridges the gap between supply chain experts and clients. By integrating project management tools and secure payment systems and bringing on the top Supply Chain expertise onto our platform, we aim to enable businesses to significantly reduce their supply chain costs by 40-70%.


The core objective of this business case study is to provide a comprehensive context and background that sets the foundation for the launch of our new Supply Chain Expert Services Marketplace. We will delve into the concept of Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS), highlighting its multifaceted benefits for the entire supply chain community. This pioneering venture represents an unprecedented approach to outsourcing supply chain projects and competencies, especially for small to medium-sized businesses, promising to revolutionize how businesses engage in this process.


The Rapid Growth of Marketplaces


The exponential expansion of marketplaces has become a prominent phenomenon in the business landscape. These platforms play a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers of various goods or services, while providing essential infrastructure, such as review systems, secure payment mechanisms, and efficient messaging functionalities, to facilitate seamless transactions.


Online marketplaces represent a remarkable green-field opportunity, transforming the dynamics of commerce. They enable unprecedented interactions between buyers and sellers across diverse industries, whether it involves rare books or home repair services. Leveraging powerful network effects, marketplaces have evolved into significant economic ecosystems themselves. They have revolutionized numerous sectors, ranging from travel and food to childcare. Marketplaces lie at the heart of society’s most notable trends, encompassing the gig economy, the emergence of new creative work opportunities, and the rise of microentrepreneurship.


As the marketplace industry matures, we witness the emergence of new models, including on-demand platforms, managed marketplaces, community-driven exchanges, SaaS-enabled marketplaces, and decentralized ecosystems. These innovative models cater to diverse market needs and leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experiences.


A notable trend is the emergence of companies offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools with a long-term vision of building a robust marketplace. These companies initially attract users by providing valuable and often free tools, subsequently encouraging them to participate in the marketplace ecosystem.


The rapid growth and transformative impact of marketplaces continue to shape the business landscape, revolutionizing how buyers and sellers engage, fostering economic opportunities, and driving key societal shifts.



Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) as a Concept


Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) is a concept that draws inspiration from the Professional Service as a Service (PSaaS) model. It aims to provide businesses with access to specialized supply chain services on a subscription or pay-per-use basis. SCaaS recognizes the increasing recognition among businesses of the advantages of outsourcing specific functions to industry experts.


In recent years, PSaaS has gained significant traction as organizations seek to streamline operations and optimize resource allocation. By leveraging external expertise through specialized service providers, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies and enhance overall operational efficiency.


To illustrate the potential of this model, we can look at UpCounsel, an online marketplace for legal services. UpCounsel offers entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to find and hire attorneys, creating a platform that exemplifies the PSaaS model. In fact, UpCounsel was recognized as part of the prestigious Marketplace 100 list by a16z in 2020.


Building upon this successful framework, we introduce the concept of Supply Chain as a Service for this business case. By embracing SCaaS, businesses can access tailored supply chain services, leveraging the expertise of professionals in the field. This innovative approach empowers organizations to optimize their supply chain functions, enhance operational agility, and unlock new opportunities for growth and profitability.



Combining Marketplaces and Supply Chain as a Service: SCMDOJO’s Unique Value Proposition


SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace represents a groundbreaking fusion of two pioneering concepts in the industry: marketplaces and Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS). This unique combination has never been seen before, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with supply chain services and expertise. 


SCMDOJO’s Supply Chain Expert Services Marketplace offers an unparalleled value proposition, addressing the needs of both clients and experts in the supply chain domain. 


Supply Chain Expert Services


For clients, SCMDOJO delivers substantial cost savings, reducing the average expenses associated with supply chain competency development and consulting by an impressive 40-70%. By leveraging the marketplace’s diverse pool of experts, clients gain access to 100+ specialized services and expertise at a fraction of the traditional costs. This cost-efficient approach empowers businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, to optimize their supply chain operations while maximizing their financial resources for core business priorities.


On the other hand, SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace provides a lucrative opportunity for supply chain experts to monetize their knowledge and skills. Experts can generate revenue through various avenues, including selling content, offering consulting services, providing software solutions, and engaging in affiliate partnerships. By leveraging the marketplace’s expansive reach and robust network, experts can tap into new income streams and expand their professional horizons.


In addition to the tangible benefits, joining SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace offers participants the opportunity to become part of a vibrant and fast-growing supply chain and operations community. By joining this dynamic ecosystem, clients and experts gain access to a diverse network of like-minded professionals, fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and career development opportunities. Being part of this thriving community enriches the professional experience and opens doors to valuable connections, industry insights, and growth potential.


In summary, SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace merges the power of marketplaces with the transformative potential of Supply Chain as a Service. Clients benefit from significant cost savings, experts gain new revenue streams, and both become integral members of the largest and most rapidly expanding supply chain and operations community. This innovative platform redefines the supply chain industry, offering a value proposition that propels businesses towards success in an ever-evolving business landscape.


Features and Benefits for Clients



SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace offers a range of features that deliver significant benefits to clients seeking top-notch Supply Chain and Operations experts. The marketplace efficiently connects clients with the most suitable experts, working on a service-as-a-product model and reducing search costs through advanced matching algorithms. Verified expert profiles provide assurance of their qualifications and experience. Clients can request proposals, ensuring alignment with project requirements before committing. The marketplace emphasizes industry best practices and transparent, well-defined service offerings with clear deliverables. Transparent pricing and secure transactions promote informed decision-making and effective budget management. Reviews and ratings offer insights into expert quality, while email notifications and project management tools facilitate communication and progress tracking. With a focus on trust, transparency, and efficiency, SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace empowers clients to achieve their supply chain goals effectively with high-quality work and solutions. 


Post a job as a client right here.


Features and Benefits for Experts


Supply Chain Expert Services


Similarly, SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace also offers a range of features that bring significant benefits to Supply Chain and Operations experts, maximizing their earning potential and expanding their reach. Experts receive profile promotion by SCMDOJO, increasing visibility and attracting more clients. Joining the community connects experts with a vast network of over 26,000 professionals, fostering collaboration and learning opportunities. Experts can monetize their own content, establishing themselves as thought leaders and generating additional income. The Affiliate program allows experts to earn commissions by referring clients or experts. Global reach enables experts to showcase their skills internationally, while efficient payment processing ensures prompt compensation. The comprehensive skill listing feature highlights experts’ unique value proposition. Project management tools streamline engagements, ensuring effective communication and timely delivery. SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace empowers experts to thrive in their field and achieve professional growth. 


Apply to become an SCMDOJO Expert right here.


How It Works


SCMDOJO’s Supply Chain Expert Services Marketplace operates through a seamless process that brings together Supply Chain and Operations experts, customers, and valuable content within a single platform.


Supply Chain Expert Services


To begin, Supply Chain and Operations experts list their specialized services and content offerings on the marketplace. These experts, armed with their years of experience and domain knowledge, showcase their expertise to potential customers seeking supply chain solutions and guidance. 


A client can post a job and can be immediately matched with potential Experts and can await proposals as Experts will be notified of posted jobs that suit their listed services and skills as well. Through the SCMDOJO Supply Chain Expert Services Marketplace, customers gain access to a wide array of experts and their offerings, creating a platform for meaningful interactions. Customers can explore the various services and content available, evaluating the profiles and portfolios of experts to find the perfect fit for their specific requirements and can approach the experts themselves as well.




Once a customer identifies a service or content that aligns with their needs, or they are matched with an Expert who fulfills all their requirements and suits their set budget, they can proceed to hire the talent or purchase the content directly through the marketplace. The platform facilitates a secure and transparent transaction process, ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and experts.


When it comes to payment, SCMDOJO Marketplace provides a reliable payment system that safeguards the financial transactions. Customers can conveniently make payments using the platform’s secure payment infrastructure with Stripe integration, which enhances trust and mitigates risks associated with traditional payment methods.


To sustain and continuously improve the marketplace ecosystem, SCMDOJO charges a commission from the payment made by customers. This commission supports the ongoing development and maintenance of the platform, ensuring a robust and efficient marketplace experience for all participants.


Upon successful completion of the transaction, the SCMDOJO Expert receives their designated share of the customer’s payment. This ensures that experts are fairly compensated for their valuable services, expertise, and content contributions, motivating them to continue delivering exceptional support to customers within the marketplace.




In conclusion, SCMDOJO’s Expert Marketplace presents a revolutionary solution that combines the power of marketplaces with the concept of Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS). By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative features, the marketplace revolutionizes the way businesses access supply chain expertise and services. The platform’s unique value proposition, including cost savings for clients, earning opportunities for experts, and integration into a vibrant supply chain community, sets SCMDOJO apart in the industry. With its comprehensive features, trust and safety mechanisms, project management and commitment to excellence, SCMDOJO’s Supply Chain Expert Services Marketplace is poised to transform how businesses navigate their supply chain challenges, drive efficiency, and achieve their strategic goals. Embracing this groundbreaking solution opens doors to enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes, and unparalleled access to top-tier supply chain experts, ultimately propelling businesses towards sustainable growth and success in the dynamic global market.


About the Author – Dr Muddassir Ahmed

Dr MuddassirAhmed is the Founder & CEO of SCMDOJO. He is a global speakervlogger and supply chain industry expert with 17 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia in various Supply Chain leadership roles.  Dr. Muddassir has received a PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School. Muddassir is a Six Sigma black belt and founded the leading supply chain platform SCMDOJO to enable supply chain professionals and teams to thrive by providing best-in-class knowledge content, tools and access to experts.

You can follow him on LinkedInFacebookTwitter or Instagram.