12 Nov

3 Supply Chain Graduate Jobs You Should Apply to Kick Start Your Career

I get lot of message from supply chain graduates who has either finished their bachelors or masters in supply chain and ask me questions like, “what jobs should I apply” or “I have no experience, what job titles should I search” or “How do I start career in supply chain management without experience”. I start with good news, there are plenty of good logistics, procurement and supply chain graduate jobs available, you just need to work hard consistently to find them!


Supply chain & logistics is a fairly establish function with new job opportunities surfacing on a daily basis. It’s an exciting industry to work within, as the constantly dynamic nature of business requirements, tools and strategies provide the opportunity to grow and enhance skills on a daily basis. With new developments you’re always on your toes, your knowledge doesn’t get the chance to go stale and I promise you will never ever utter the phrase ‘my job is so boring’.


However, like most attractive industries, it’s an extremely competitive & constantly evolving. And will have plenty of supply chain graduate jobs. However, most jobs titles you will see will have a dreaded line we never want to see, i.e. “2 years minimum experience required.” Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let that deter you and try to show the key skills required in job description by presenting a list of relevant courses you have taken at college/university or taken as project/thesis.

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Here’s a starting-point list of the most common job titles and roles advertised in supply chain function, their key responsibilities & technical/functional competencies required. You should search and apply for your first supply chain graduate job from one of these titles if you wish to kick-start your supply chain career today.

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1) Supply Chain Analyst


Typical Job Responsibilities:


  • Collecting and analyzing supply chain data
  • Recommending improvements to boost performance metrics (delivery, inventory, overdue orders and reduce costs
  • Coordinating with other functions/department to implement changes and new systems.
  • Analyze data to identify problematic areas and suggest improvements
  • Develop requirements and standards (e.g. packaging, procurement, delivery)
  • Help foster trusting relationships with business partners
  • Collaborate with IT professionals to implement effective systems
  • Track KPIs and report on supply chain’s performance

Profile Competencies You Should Show


  • Hi analytical skills, especially MS Excel & Access (if possible)
  • Show the list of courses you have taken related to these 8 supply chain competencies
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Pursues personal development/ strong desire to learn
  • Results oriented
  • Collaborative style
  • Planning skills

2) Supply Chain Coordinator


Typical Job Responsibilities:


  • Achieve targeted On-Time Delivery performance.
  • Manage supplier performance
  • Manage supplier consigned or vendor managed inventory programs
  • Manage inventory levels in line with Business objectives
  • Interaction with Demand Planning & procurement team, and Supplier Base
  • Participate ongoing Business process improvements
  • To liaise with freight forwarders in arranging collection & shipment of all freight.
  • To liaise with & inform warehouse & customer service desk on collection/dispatch information.

Profile Competencies You Should Show


  • Hi analytical skills, especially MS Excel & Access (if possible)
  • Show the list of courses in your CV you have taken related to these 8 supply chain competencies
  • Continuous Process Improvement knowledge
  • In-depth Materials Replenishment Planning (MRP)
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Awareness
  • Pursues Personal Development / Strong desire to learn
  • Collaborative Style
  • Priority setting

3) Production Planner / Materials Controller / Inventory Controller


Typical Job Responsibilities:


  • Manages current and future demand requirements with manufacturing capacities to meet customer requirements
  • Review and maintain planning parameters date elements regularly, like order policies, safety stock level, lead-times for manufactured parts and/or purchased items/SKUs
  • Expedites material both internally and externally to meet urgent or unforecasted demand or any supply shortages
  • Analyse data to determine opportunities to decrease inventory, improve customer service levels and reduce total costs through regular review of Inventory planning parameters that includes safety stock, Kanbans, reorder point and lot sizes (order quantities)
  • Ensures Work Orders are created in timely fashion and release on time
  • Support SIOP / S&OP process

Profile Competencies You Should Show


In addition to most of the competencies shown in supply chain coordinator a production planner require


The number of job titles and descriptions at recruitment agencies that advertise supply chain graduate jobs is an ever-increasing list. What I have tried to do is to show the typical titles you can search for while searching supply chain graduate jobs. And the list of competencies and theoretical knowledge you have to show in the CV to get that valuable interview call. And once you get that call, don’t forget to prepare for these interview questions!

If you have searched and applied for any graduate supply chain jobs, please do leave the comments below to share your experience with the supply chain community or any other valuable comments or advice.

If you are not graduate and searching for your next supply chain opportunity watch this vlog or read this blog.


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