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11 Mar

The Top 46 Supply Chain Groups on LinkedIn You Must Join

After optimizing and adding glamour to your LinkedIn profile, it is time to network. Regular participation in LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups is one way to grow your network and generate more leads as a Supply Chain professional. Several Supply Chain groups on LinkedIn present the prospect of strengthening connections with other professionals.

By default, LinkedIn does not allow the sending of messages to professionals you do not know. By sharing a group it becomes a possibility and offers significant benefit. Well, below are the considerable Benefits of Joining a LinkedIn Group.

Widen Your Network

With LinkedIn Groups, you get better connections with professionals, and you can send direct messages to other group members. You can also ask questions regarding your next supply chain job interview! There is more to LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups than just sending messages. LinkedIn considers members of a collective group as your 2nd-degree connections. This means a considerable increase in your 2nd-degree network only by joining. You can create appropriate discussions, comment on other reviews, and submit related articles and blog posts. The 80/20% rule also rubs on here.

Direct and Free Communication with Group Members

Another dominant feature of LinkedIn Groups is moderators can email group members directly. Members have to sign in to the group to be contacted. Since some members visit LinkedIn less when compared to other premier social networks. You can get a weekly notification when exciting content gets published. Your aim should be to become an influencer within the LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups or a leader in your niche.

Gain Influence Quickly

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to shape authority for you or your business. This should not come as a surprise. According to MarketingProfs content marketing study in 2016, 94% of B2B marketers make use of LinkedIn, compared to Facebook 87%, and Twitter 84%. 2/3 of marketers highly rate LinkedIn’s usefulness in their organizations, compared to Twitter’s 55% and Facebook’s staggering 30%. LinkedIn groups are created to be reliable environs for conversation. LinkedIn makes use of various algorithms that detects unrelated or unsuitable group post.

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LinkedIn Supply Chain

Contents for Target Audience and Personas

In general, the quality of average contact you get on LinkedIn Supply Chain Group is much better than those from other networking sites, and your contacts need to be treated with their deserved respect. A well-moderated Supply Chain group is usually encompassed by very detailed demographics, which is a considerable advantage, assuming you have already tried to detect what demographics appeal to you. It is not easy to post useful content to LinkedIn Groups. Doing it manually and building your responses for your target audiences is a great way to grow influence.


Fantastic Feedback Channels

LinkedIn is full of individuals whose views you would likely value in Supply Chain groups. So, use them! Using LinkedIn groups to gain feedback is amongst the most potent ways you can use them. Authentic reviews are becoming hard to come by nowadays. Ensure to take part for a while before making any request carefully. Ask group members for feedback, professional advice, and reviews on related services and offerings. You can also create content ideas by further sharing with group members in the context of discussions.

Excellent Problem-Solving Specialist

Have a severe business issue that requires expert solutions? Or do you need an outside, impartial view? Ask fellow LinkedIn Supply Chain group followers. Some requests get great engagement because they seek professional opinions, not leads, and you are allowing the group to shine. Chances are you would personally appreciate your group members’ input if you met them physically. Do not forget to thank group members who gave passionate responses.

Enter LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups…

LinkedIn groups allow for creating or participating in devoted conversation forums on moderated intensive topics. Posting information valuable to members can be beneficial over time and significantly grow your audience. But there are a few barricades you need to overcome. LinkedIn has over two million Groups, with many dying or becoming dormant. Finding Supply Chain Groups with a broad audience, excellent content, and reasonable moderators is a good starting point. Some corporate-sponsored groups are also a perfect place to begin since they usually have better resources to run the teams professionally and efficiently.

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Which LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups Should I Join?


With every new customer, you can realize they all have several personal interests; the same applies to Supply Chain groups. Below are the Top 31 Supply Chain Groups on LinkedIn. You Must Join to hang out and be visible as an expert there! Just click on the heading to visit the group and join.

Supply Chain Management Group (SCM)


With a network of over 292,812 members, this supply chain management group is created for professionals with robust Supply Chain Management profiles. If you have executed and handled the processes of the supply chain on projects, using much software and ERPs and wish to exchange ideas, then you are perfect for the group!!

This supply chain group is amongst the leading LinkedIn open group for sharing and finding Business Info, Career contacts, Job Search and Posts around the world. With a network of over 370,000 professionals ranging from Executives to senior-level professionals, this is the place to be.

Supply Chain Digitalization


This Group is focused on Promoting Supply Chain Digitalization. Supply Chain Digitalization uses digital technologies and digitized data to impact how conventional supply chain works, transform how customers and companies engage and interact with moving material flow and information flow, and create new (digital) revenue streams.

Logistics and Supply Chain professionals


Powered by Supply Chain Dive, this Logistics and Supply Chain group is a community with 270,000+ professionals in freight, fulfilment, logistics, and supply chain management. This supply chain group aims to share helpful information and encourage discussion on related topics.

Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, & Lean Group


With over 206,849 members, this supply chain group allows networking and the exchange of ideas amongst experts of Lean, Six Sigma, and other leading Improvement practices. Professionals of all levels are welcome.

Supply Chain Management – International


This supply chain group of over 58,868 members is comprised of professionals with substantial experience and knowledge of Logistics and SCM. The Supply Chain Management – the International group, is amongst the best Supply Chain Management groups in LinkedIn.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management


By joining this supply chain group with over 446,606 followers, you will enjoy a lively global network for mutual sharing, care, and great ideas. This supply chain group is moderated by several managers who wish to share their experience and best practices in the Logistics and Supply Chain area.

MOM – Manufacturing Operations Management


This supply chain group, with over 46,124 members, is designed for Manufacturing Operations experts who wish to expand their network. The group provides a supportive environment for business owners, logistics, and supply chain experts. The group also support idea exchange and professional advice.

Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen


With a network base of over 121,523 members, this supply chain group is a network for professionals in the lean manufacturing sector. The interface is open to learning, business development, certification opportunities, and participation in best practice sharing.

CSCMP – Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, with a network of over 93,489 members, is a well-known network for professionals involved in supply chain management. This supply chain group also makes career development, global education, and networking prospects available for its members.

Supply Chain Today: Latest News & Trends, Delete Spam, Technology Innovation, Search Executive Jobs


Supply Chain Today group offers continuous assistance and great collaborative networking opportunities for its over 199,540 members. This Supply Chain Group has everything needed to expand your reach in finding valuable content regarding your field.

Logistics Executive – The hub of your global supply chain.


This supply chain group enables industry experts to interrelate with several other global experts and gain insight into current industry happenings, career guidance, and potential prospects from its 118,885 members.

World Class Supply Chain Management


With a network of over 92,544 members, this supply chain group tries to combine the best minds in the field to freely share information, experiences, and insights for others to benefit.

Inspired Supply Chain & Logistics Executives


Inspired Supply Chain & Logistics Executives is a leading group with over 81,000 members around the globe. ICLE offers members a platform for sharing contacts, experiences, and knowledge.

Purchasing & Global Supply Chain Professionals


This group is a collection of over 154,900 professionals in the field of purchasing and supply management. This group aims to serve members with the best opinions available which can be genuinely beneficial. The group also has its magazine published.

Supply Chain Movement


The Supply Chain Movement group is a global networking group for Supply Chain Professionals. With over 39,800 members, the SCM group allows professionals to discuss experience and knowledge in their expertise.

LinkedIn has awarded this group as one of the most engaging groups on LinkedIn worldwide!

ASCM Group


The ASCM group is a network of supply chain management experts. This supply chain group provides certification programs, education, and research. The ASCM Certification is set to industry standard. The network comprises over 84,500 members who are renovating how individuals do business, raise growth and attain global success.

Supply Chain Optimization


The Supply Chain Optimization group are created for Supply Chain Experts, Practitioners, and students of other related fields. The supply chain group with over 23,000 members, is a central hub for authors’ articles, blogs, books, conferences, events, white papers, and podcasts. Members are also stimulated to post relevant articles and case studies in the group for others to benefit.

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement


This supply chain group, with over 130,000 members, is created to deliberate on best practices, industry news, and trends. The group goal is to improve member expert IQ, business performance, and technological growth.

Supply Chain Asia


With over 27,000+ members, the Supply Chain Asia (SCA) group aims to gather experts from the logistics and supply chain industry to share ideas, learn, and create openings for alliances. The four key pillars of the organization include the academy, events, memberships, and publication. SCA holds various events annually and provides training courses in this field.

Supply Chain Management Consultants – ERP & Strategic Cons.


This supply chain group, with 29,000+ members, is designed to network supply chain managers and consultants internationally. This group is presently at work with ERP or SCM Strategic Consultants. The network is mainly for discussion, and your contribution is highly welcomed.

Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & Transport


With a network of over 88,600 members, Africa Supply Chain, Logistics & Transport is created to tackle Logistics, Supply Chain, Shipping, and other associated prospects in Africa. This supply chain group also want the network to be a forum where people can discuss the latest news and ideas affecting and influencing the profession and share their experience and advice with fellow members.

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence


The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) group, is a trusted network of over 28,400 members dedicated to using their practitioner-to-practitioner and industry-to-industry cooperative learning skill. From experts to senior managers, AME members are continually realizing and applying the latest improvement approaches and best practices over charming workshops, seminars, and business-leading meetings.

Supply Chain Management Practitioners & Experts


Supply Chain Management Practitioners & Experts provides over 63,600 members with several valuable resources to aid them to stay up-to-date with current changes and to advance in competitiveness, culture, skills, leadership, thinking, and overall success.

Distribution and Logistics Professionals


With over 16,600 members, the Distribution and Logistics Professionals group provide a forum that allows Experts within this field to network on related topics. The new subject matter is presented to the group and new career prospects to members.

Supply Chain – Insight – Share and Learn


This supply chain group with 20500+ members is created to attend to current trends in the supply chain, impacting issues, resolutions, share thoughts, and wide-ranging debates on future actions in the Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration


This supply chain group, with over 5,900 members, offers supply chain experts a platform to brainstorm on issues faced in these areas and ask for solutions. The fundamental idea behind creating the group is to make a community of Supply Chain Professionals and a team that everybody can make an influence.

Global Procurement & Supply Chain Management Professionals


The Global Procurement & Supply Chain Management Professionals is a supply chain group for Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals to network and assist others in the field. With over 61,600 members, the group urges all to be linked In and share.

Supply Management magazine


The Supply Management magazine group, featuring over 3,600 members, is a top source for international news, opinions, and real-world guidance regarding procurement and supply chain. As the authorized publication of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, this supply chain group provide write-ups on the supply chain, procurement, and strategic sourcing and also offer insightful guidance to members. Members are involved with the magazine, and the group offers a perfect place for exploration.

Operations Management in Practice


This supply chain group is projected to serve as the primary forum for operations management discussion, practice, and research. With over 26,300 members, everybody is welcome to join and contribute to discussions of problems facing preparation and the practical use of latest research discoveries. Topics may vary from supply chain to project management and other parts linked with operations management.

Sales & Operations Planning / CPFR


The Sales & Operations Planning / CPFR group features over 10,700 members. The group aims to offer members the chance to learn more about supply channel cohorts that can collectively produce the most effective results.

The Official CIPS opinion panel


CIPS, with over 20,000 members, strives to give a voice to this profession to a more broader audience. Every professional opinion is welcomed, and it is collated into some big posts for other trade grounded on real expert experiences.

Operations Executives


The Operations Executives Group with over 21,600 members, encourage all executives who focus on operations management. This group make available a place to network and discuss the challenges and other prospects related to operations management.

Lean Six Sigma


With over 913,524 members, Lean Six Sigma is a network for joining professionals for certification opportunities, careers, and Jobs, and to learn to develop business strategies with best practices.  Lean Six Sigma is a global community for sharing, maintaining and building new relationships. This group is also a central hub for author’s books, articles, white papers, podcasts, blogs, events, and conferences.

Supply Chain Women


Supply Chain Media group for supply chain women on LinkedIn: the worldwide networking group for female Supply Chain Professionals. The group has 2000 members and growing.

Supply Chain Women enable female professionals in the supply chain to exchange knowledge and experience about their expertise.

LOGÍSTICA & Supply Chain


Logistica and supply Chain are currently the major strategic axes of most companies since their mission is to maximize customer service and optimize logistics costs. It is a community of 54,800 supply chain professionals. Only a professional expert in Logistics and supply Chain ​​will be able to face the challenges of an increasingly complex and demanding business world, being the key to business profitability. In this Group we want to connect the professionals of the Logistics and supply Chain, with the objective that they can exchange experiences, knowledge and professional contacts. In addition, group members can expand their network of contacts by generating logistics networking processes, connecting with companies and receiving offers that interest them. If you want to improve your knowledge and expand your opportunities, join our community of Logistics & Supply Chain ​​professionals.

Supply Chain Minded (#1 Sourcing, Production, Warehousing, Transport, Reverse Logistics, Lean group)

Supply Chain Minded is a very active and fast-growing online community of 67,000+ members who are interested in Supply Chain for Planning, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Delivery and Reverse Logistics professionals. Visit also for the most interesting news articles related to supply chain management. The Supply Chain Minded community aims to inform and connect professionals active in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transport, Distribution, Reverse Logistics, Service Logistics, Lean & Six Sigma, 3PL. Be part of this and join the fast-growing group! Supply Chain Minded provides the best information resources, and we share:

– Knowledge

– News

– Experience

– Resources

– Best practices

– Case studies

Logística & Transportes – Logistics & Transportation

Logistics and Transport is a community of 83,000 members. They are interested in the transport of cargo and passengers. These are Rail (done by railways), road (done by highways), waterway (done by water), pipeline (done by ducts) and air (done by air) modes—fractional loads, last mile, parcels and LTL; Full loads, capacity and transfers. Logistics, Distribution centres, Courier, and Small Parcels (everything related to transporting cargo and parcels and logistics) is discussed here. 

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

It is a dynamic international network for mutual sharing, support and idea generation. It is a group of 449,900 members. This group is run by several managers who want to share best practices and experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics area. We provide a supportive environment for business owners, supply chain and logistics experts and proven leaders to exchange ideas with and provide advice. Tap into a community of business partners who want you to succeed!

Transportation Network for Freight Brokers, Logistics, Supply Chain, Carrier Trucking Professionals

With the transportation industry constantly shifting, this Transportation Network of 95,000 people includes Freight Brokers, Logistics, Supply Chain and Trucking Professionals Group will allow transportation industry professionals to share ideas and provide each other with the opportunity to grow their freight business fast and efficiently. Freight Matching Network Group Tags: freight, loads, brokers, transport, transportation, trucking, load board, load board, truck freight, intermodal, LTL.

Supply Chain Management Consultants

With a community of 31,800 people, it is a group of the SCNi for supply chain management consultants and those that use their services.

Logistics Network

It is a Logistics professionals global network of 281,000+ people. The community offers a wide range of information on logistics. It is a widespread community of logistics professionals thus an excellent platform for exploration for people interested in logistics.

Supply Chain Management – International


Supply Chain Management includes 58,800 professionals. These people professionally work within SCM and Logistics with strong knowledge and experience. Jobs within SCM and logistics are welcome here. We are one of LinkedIn’s strongest Supply Chain Management group.

Operations Consulting Worldwide


Operations Consultants Worldwide is an open networking group for those working or interested in the field of Operations and Consulting. Right now it is a community of 10,000 members. Engage in discussions on business frameworks and concepts, trends, and news. Operations Consulting includes the following topics:

* IT/MIS Consulting

* HR Consulting

* Supply Chain Consulting

* Supply Chain Management (Demand Management, Strategic Sourcing, Logistics, etc.)

* Business Process Improvement (Kaizen)

* Process Consulting

* Service Excellence

* Organization

* Change Management/Governance

* Quality Management (Quality Auditing)

* Lean Consulting

* Six Sigma Consulting

* Manufacturing Consulting

* Benchmarking

* Workplace Productivity/Efficiency

* Cost Reduction/Management

* Task Management

Supply Chain & Logistics: Learning Group – LinkedIn Learning


This group is for learners who are interested in Supply Chain and logistics and want to connect, share, collaborate, learn, and teach in an open, safe environment. Learning is fun when done together. Let’s make it great and enjoy the conversation. This growing community of beginners is of 27,000 people but it is growing more.

India Logistics & Supply Chain – Leadership Professional’s Group


India Logistics & Supply Chain – Leadership Professional’s Group of 47,000 members is a platform for all the professionals in Supply Chain Management, logistics and related fields like aviation, maritime etc in India.

Military Logistics


A group of 29,990 for active, retired and contractor Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard and Civilian logistics professionals from the U.S. and around the World. Our objective is to share experiences, business opportunities and knowledge about Logistics with a Big L.

Leadership in Logistics & Supply Chain


The Leadership in Logistics and Supply Chain group of 37,900 people is dedicated to teaching and promoting the strategic value of the Logistics and Supply Chain function. This is a global networking group composed of Logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders, at all levels of the organization, to share contacts, experiences and insight in elevating and improving Logistics and Supply Chain/Procurement activities from beyond a tactical function to a strategic part of the overall Business Plan. Many companies already understand the value of a well-prepared and executed strategic plan that fully integrates Logistics and Supply Chain operations. Many more do not and view the function as a more basic activity. Companies are missing opportunities in cost savings, revenue growth and improvements in Customer Service as a result. Sharing your successes, insights and issues in communications, executive sponsorship, execution and change management, the group will explore perspectives on Leading their Logistics and Supply Chain organizations to unlock this unrealized value. Discussion is encouraged around how Logistics and Supply Chain Leaders can:

♦ Impact Top Line Growth

♦ Create a Competitive Advantage

♦ Increase Bottom Line Savings

♦ Support Business Plan Execution

♦ Drive Productivity and Efficiency

♦ Elevating Leadership positions

♦ Communicate Value to the C-Level Executives

♦ Promote Metrics and Results

♦ Benchmark Execution

♦ Improve Customer Service

♦ Develop a Strategic Advantage Whether you are a successful Leader in this area or looking for insights and assistance in your current position, your participation and input is valued.



These Supply Chain Groups are not only going to help you expand your network but also give you access to some brilliant content shared in these groups and valuable insights to solve real-life supply chain problems.

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