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Soft Skills Courses

Online professional supply chain courses, led by the world’s top supply chain experts.

leadership in business
Soft Skills

Comprehensive Insights to Leadership in Business

Enrolled Students: 1 No Ratings 57 minutes

This course covers the definition of leadership, team building, and how to drive success from it.

$ 49
successful project management
Soft Skills

Keys to Successful Project Management

Enrolled Students: 3 No Ratings 45 minutes

This course covers the fundamentals, benefits, and recommendations for successful project management

$ 49
Soft Skills Best Seller

Presentation Skills Course - A Key Success Factor

Enrolled Students: 10 5.0 (2) 60 minutes

Get your audience from yaaaaaawn to yaaaaaay! Learn how to build boost your confidence and deliver convincing presentations.

$ 49
Effective Communication for Supply Chain Professionals
Soft Skills Best Seller Free

Effective Communication for Supply Chain Professionals

Enrolled Students: 77 4.9 (9) 1 hour 23 minutes

Learn about common communication problems, develop skills to ask questions, Learn about non-verbal messages, develop skills to listen actively and empathetically and enhance your ability to handle difficult situations.

Soft Skills Best Seller

How to Improve LinkedIn Profile – For Supply Chain

Enrolled Students: 21 5.0 (2) 1 hour 13 minutes

Proven LinkedIn Growth Strategies and tools for your success in your professional career. Opportunities are unlimited on LinkedIn

$ 49

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are the personality traits or attributes that one uses to communicate and interact effectively with other people. Soft skills are a crucial part of hiring and are considered to complement the hard skills of employees in a workplace. Soft skills are as important as hard skills. People with a combination of better soft skills and hard skills perform great at their jobs. Employees with good soft skills increase efficiency in their work which increases productivity. For example, employees who are good at communicating and engaging with other people perform better in their roles, especially in a teamwork situation. Communication and collaboration skills are the most basic soft skills that are required for any job role.

What is the difference between hard skills and soft skills?

Individuals acquire hard skills by gaining knowledge, learning, and getting formal education or training while soft skills are personal attributes that are essential for interpersonal relationships and interaction with people around whether in the office or at home. Hard skills can be quantified and usually are tested while hiring a person. These are the technical skills. For example, coding, writing, graphic design, etc are all hard skills. These skills can be learned by anyone and can lead to perfection when practiced. Whereas soft skills are hard to acquire or change as they are a part of your personality and are more rigid to adaption.

Where can you find soft skills certification courses?

Although we say soft skills are hard to acquire but not impossible. Some platforms offer such practical courses, that by practice and knowledge, one can acquire soft skills. Soft skills certification courses can be found all over the internet but the most effective ones are on Coursera and SCMDOJO. These courses boost your confidence and polish your soft skills to perform better in your job. These certifications can be acquired by enrolling in online courses at a renowned platform where industry leaders and experts teach these skills with their practical knowledge.

What is included in soft skills courses?

Soft skills courses include lessons to enhance your communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills, critical thinking, time management, teamwork and collaboration skills, conflict resolution, adaptability, problem-solving skills, etc. Each of the courses is designed to cater to any one of the soft skills or the skills that are interlinked. These courses prepare you to perform efficiently and effectively within your organization. Other soft skills such as emotional intelligence, initiative mindset, positive attitude, etc can also be acquired and learned through these courses. These skills are crucial to survive in a competitive corporate world.

What are the benefits of soft skills training?

Soft skills offer several benefits to individuals in their work life as well as personal life. The soft skills training boosts the person’s overall morale and improves job satisfaction. These skills when acquired make the person perform better in the job and in a more effective way. This also keeps the employees happy at their workplace hence boosting the productivity of the company.

What is the best soft skill certification?

The best soft skills certification must teach the employees: communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork, collaboration, time management, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc. These are the core soft skills that are always beneficial for an employee and the company.

How can you enhance your presentation skills?

Presentation skills can be enhanced by taking an online course or training. You can learn the tips and tricks to present better by researching online and practicing more and more. Soft skills are developed over time with consistent effort. If you want to enhance your presentation skills then you must practice speaking in front of the mirror and then in front of others. Use a presentation with more visuals and make it creative and interesting. The most important tip of all is to make eye contact with your audience while presenting. These are some basic tips to follow, you can learn to achieve them by taking a professional approach by enrolling in an online course or training.

How to improve your communication skills?

To improve your communication skills, you must be a good and active listener first. It also depends on who you are talking to. While speaking to others, your body language matters more so you must focus and improve that. Not splitting too many words is always a good choice, you need to be brief yet specific. You can learn all of this by enrolling in a professional course taught by industry experts. 

What are the five leadership skills one must have?

The five core leadership skills include good communication, agility and adaptability, problem-solving, creative thinking, and decision-making. Other skills that a leader must possess are delegation, employee motivation, relationship building, negotiation, critical thinking, innovation, etc. These all are considered to be top skills one must possess to be a successful and exemplary leader.